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Monday, March 8, 2010

it's a Dermatone week!

Yep, a Dermatone week!  What the heck is that?  Well, if you saw my red(purple) cheeks from Saturday skiing you would know.  I forget to put on my Dermatone to protect my face from frying!  The weather the last 5 days has been over the top awesome!  Bright sunshine, warm temps, great snow conditions and dry roads!  I have to say it is an outdoor obsessed persons dream kind of days!
As I explained on the weekend, I skipped a workout to enjoy the patio at my ski club!  the sun was shining brightly, every face had a smile on it, and hte beer was cold!  I skied all day on outstanding conditions, and days like that are few and far between. I figured 6 months of busting my hump, enjoy the afternoon!
Sunday was a carbon copy day, great sun, great snow and a whole bunch more smiling faces!  This time I did put some Dermatone lip's and face protection on.  Try it out, skied all day did not feel like I was lathered up like a turkey about to go in the oven and my face did not feel like a lobster coming out of a pot at the end of the day.  I have used other things in the past, this stuff works!  After an awesome day, I had to drive back to the city so no workout(winter Sundays are no workout days)
Today was a different story no excuses for not working out!  Another awesome day, 13-14 celcius, great sun!  So, time to get on teh bike!  It is such a great feeling to have wheels rolling on the road after being inside for a few months.  It was a treat knowing that it is only hear for a few days and then some more bad weather on the way!  But I took full advantage of it!  It was such a fin ride!  The wind was a little hard, but who cares, it makes for a proper training ride.  I went out for a 42k ride to get my legs rolling outside.  It felt awesome.  I commented to a friend who was along for the ride how good I felt relative to last spring.  It did take me 1-15k to get my legs awake, but once they did I sunk into a great groove and it got easier every time my feet turned over a pedal stroke.  I made me notice how much my overall fitness has improved since the fall!  I can only assume and work at it to keep that feeling as I get to a race at some point.
Going out today fuelled my fire some more.  As I road I envisioned spring days doing rides for hours and then heading out on a run.  It made me smile and look forward to  my training starting in a few days!  I hope you enjoyed the day as it was another not to be missed!
Happy training and see you soon!  Cheers!


  1. Awsome John.
    Glad the sun is showing up, summer is on it's way

  2. yes it was a dermatone week! guess i need to get some of that b/c my lips are so chapped...overall the cold has wreaked havoc on my skin. boo! i'd still trade off the chapped skin for playing outside any day.

  3. The sun is coming, the sun is coming! I feel the same way. I love Dermatone, that stuff is the shiz...when you remember to put it on:)

  4. Spring will be here soon, green leaves and sunshine, that is when it stops snowing...

    It sounds like you had great fun and a beautiful day for cycling!

  5. Yay for getting out on the roads! I'm right behind ya!