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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a busy day!

Mother Nature is in a great mood today and has given us another beautiful sunny day. It sure makes the day go by wonderfully. As I sit in my car waiting for an event, the temp is 14c(don't know what that is in American) let's just say it is great! Kind of wish I had a ride scheduled today so that I could enjoy it. I am staying loyal to my program, if every time I had an urge to workout I would be smoked in no time.
Workouts today consisted of a 3500 m swim practice. Today I actually was able to use my arms. As a couple of people indicated, my kicking workout would be beneficial, and it was. Hard to believe one focused kick workout and there is a different feel. Most of the practice today focused on stroke technique and lengths. Although it was listed as 'stroke' I took the liberty of using drills to get further improvement. Overall I found the session to be great. My adjusted time for my 10s breaks was just under 1:13, a total time of 1:20. I was quite happy with that. I figured out that this week will see me complete a total of 8+km of pool time. As it is an area that I can use the practice, I love it. I finally broke down today and bought a membership at the Y. I figured out that paying per visit was eventually going to break me. At 3 swims per week, plus weights at least twice it would add up to over $100 per month. So as much as I am not big on belonging to a gym, the choice made sense. The staff chuckled as I did it. They have seen me pay my $5 for so long I think they probably had wagers on when I would break down.
Since Monday I have been tracking my nutrition, what a great process to complete. You learn very quickly how under nourished you truly become as you workout. I always thought a ate quite a bit, but apparently I need to eat a little more. Next week I am sending my log into Fuel your Passion for an analysis, it will be interesting to see what she comes back with. In the meantime, I am going to keep doing what I am doing and top it off to try and stay at an even weight. It is far to early in the process to lose any more weight. My goal is to get my BMI down to 16-17 as the summer progresses, as I start doing more resistance and more workouts, it should be doable!
This evening I am off to a Team Running Free season launch event. I mentioned a while back I was selected to be part of the team for this season. It is great to be a part of this group. It is an opportunity to feed of the energy of a lot of like minded individuals as we head into the summer. As well it provides me some great opportunities to feed the requirements for gear for this crazy sport. Tonight is a cool night, all the gear manufacturers are here presenting their latest and greatest for this year. It is a good chance to learn some new tech stuff to share with others in the run club and clinics. As a gear nerd I am looking forward to this. A bonus is many chances to be the person who tests this gear for them this season, never a thing wrong with a little free gear!
Off to my little party to schmooze with other athletes and reps! Hope your day was awesome!
Cheers and happy training!
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  1. Great swimmming, and NOTHIN wrong with a little free gear...also was lol at your Y purchase good work! hahaha

  2. OH, new gear, I'm a whore for new gear. I hate a gym too, necessary evil ... don't have my own pool so...there it is.