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Sunday, March 21, 2010

WAW! no not WOW! WAW!

WHAT A WEEKEND!  yep, that is my most accurate description of this weekend!  It has been a few days since my last post, but a great few days it has been!
As I have said many times before, the key to a great life is to 'Live for your Dreams'!  Yes, believe that you can accomplish what may seem unreachable, trust your passion and chase it!  The only true obstacle to accomplishing something is you!  Patience, perseverance and  a passion for your beliefs will get you to your goal!
From time to time, a few days are spent with a true momentum towards the things that you want to achieve.  You feel a productive contribution towards the things that are striving towards and a growing energy to push a little harder.  It is a great feeling and one that you need to tuck into your little tool box for those times you feel like it is all falling apart!
This weekend was a weekend of those moments for me!  From beginning to end a sense of accomplishment and moving ahead!
On Saturday morning, mother nature came back to her normal mood for this time of year!  She chilled it down a little for a 1-2c run for the ROGA clinic.  Still a great event, another new participant joined us with a goal in mind that she is working towards.  So although it was cold the run clinic and me worked towards our goal.  It is great how after a little time there is a sense of community developing.  The runners are helping each other out and pushing and pulling each other through runs, it is great progress after a short while.  I hope when I get to 12 weeks of training that I feel as good as they did!
After my Saturday run, I spent the rest of my weekend at my triathlon coach certification course. It was a great productive weekend, learning a lot of new tools and gaining the insight from many other athletes and coaches. I could not have read as many books and magazines in 2 years to gain the knowledge and insight I did this weekend.  As I work towards my IM dream, this is a huge bonus for me to have gained!
As well as spending time thinking about practical tri strategies this weekend, I also was able to get myself into a great mind space to start  my training.  Since I first thought about IM I said that when I started my training I would put all my focus and energy towards it.  Well, this weekend was my opportunity to get myself into that space.
From the posts I have read, from the successful athletes I have met and followed, I know that doing well is about the commitment you follow.  As my 'official' training starts on Monday I had a weekend of enjoying of relaxation.  I had a few beers, I watched a good movie, I spent time getting my tools set up and my program reviewed and entered into my computer and crackberry.  The time I spent was great to get my head further into a great space to be training.  So that again was another great part of my WAW weekend!  Wahoo!
SO, I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend!  My next post will be the first in my official journey to Wisconsin!  Wahoo!  I am truly on the road to becoming an IRONMAN!  Stay tuned!


  1. Good post!! You got me all pumped for this week and also reminded me I need to sync up my crackberry!

  2. Nice! had a great wknd glad you did Journey commence tomorrow good luck! DR

  3. Triathlon Coaching Certification. You never cease to amaze me!!!

  4. I think you will make a superb coach, you have a great energy, and enthusiasm that you share with others.

    IM Monday training : have fun and work hard! 173 days to go :)

  5. congrats on the certification! seems like a natural progression for you John. I can hear the announcer now, "John, you are an ironman!"

  6. Thanks KC! I cant wait for the day to come and all the fun along the road! Cheers