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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bring it on.....

This morning was a second day of post race hobbling!  Not near as bad as yesterday, but some pain to be noted!  I love that feeling as I know that it means good things are happening.  All I know is I am happy that I worked out yesterday as it helped to get the blood flowing and help out in the recovery.  Today was another day to push some limits and get this machine into fighting shape.
Although I was ready, willing and able to get ready for the bike, I felt it was going to be a push as it is my quads that are shouting at me.  But, I have never been a person to let a little obstacle stop me.  Todays workout was 1 hour on the trainer, this week a little more push in the HR zones than last week.  here is what it looked like:
Warm up:  15 minutes w/ single leg drills
Main: 2 x 20s each leg 40 second both legs
2 x 30 seconds each leg, 30 seconds both legs
2 x 40 seconds, 40 seconds both legs
2 x 50 seconds each leg, 50 seconds both legs
4 x 5 min as:
2 min big gear seated <80RPM
1 min fast spin>100RPM
2 min big gear standing
ALL AT High HR2 with 2 minute easy spin after each set
Cool: 10-15 easy spin
The single leg drills are new for me, I learnt that I need to put a good focus on that training.  Although my cycling doesnt suck, I am certain that this will push it further forward with some focus.  Here are my stats for the ride:
Avg SP: 34kmh
Avg Watt: 215
Avg HR: 148
CAD: 79
Time: 1 hr
Distance: 34k
Overall I felt it was a good workout.  On a 1-10 perceived effort, I would rate it at about a 7.  I am not giving it 100% as yet as, 1) still recovering from weekend 2) I have 23 weeks of this and do not need to be a hero today to prove anything, or get hurt trying to push it for no particular reason.  There will be a lot of time to push hard in the coming weeks.  Over all the workout was very satisfying, I did leave a good puddle under the bike.  The TACX trainer I got over the winter is awesome for this training.  It gives me all the data that I could want to use as I do the rides.  It will serve as a great benchmark for me as I work through the training. I have no regrets with the investment.
Following my good ride today, I headed out to Lululemon for one the weekly run clubs that I host.  The store is awesome and has a very enthusiastic following.  The miles that I am doing are extra miles and are good quality build miles at a slow pace.  We generally run a 6 min/k and I spend my time getting the people in the group to push themselves a little.  Tonight I also let them all know that I have an expectation of them.  Next week they are to all show up with a goal race to share with others.  I feel that this is the best way to get them all to be on board and to invest in the run that they come out to each week.  It was received with enthusiasm.  So next week we will all spend part of our run sharing our goals with others and making each other accountable to those goals.  It is a great community and they will all reach towards the goal together.  The runs that they set will be a blast, as they will all be together to push other forward!  The evening was a lot of fun running and working with the group.  Some of them are now going to come out and join us on the weekend runs and other events that we do.  Slowly I am building my own run community to help to move towards goals, after a short while the groups are already joining together and building momentum.  As I work towards my IM goal, this is a great satisfaction and motivation for me as well. I would love nothing more than to see 20 people get to  start line and finish their first race.  It would be a successful season for many!
Looking forward to another good workout day!  time for some rest to get read for it!  Cheers


  1. one leg drills - I hate em but they help. Enjoy the post race hobbling :)

  2. good quality workouts yesterday! love the way your running groups are coming together. seems like you are a born leader John. keep up the great work and i'm looking forward to hearing about how the running groups progress. I wonder...will any pick a marathon as their goal race? have an awesome day!

  3. I know that you use TI for swimming, have you tried POSE method for cycling?
    I find it really works for me, though it took a while before I got my saddle in just the right place.
    It places the emphasis on using the quads, calves and glutes. Then when you get off the bike you can use Chi or POSE running which uses hammies.

    I like the way that you are moving the cadence around, I must try that. I normally keep it at 85-90 and shift gears.