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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yep, I did a tri.....tlon today!  Yeah, a tri.....thlon!  I had an awesome swim and a messed up excuse to be called a brick.  Followed it by a good run!
Today was a bit of a prefect storm.  Work was really busy with a ton of new business coming in and a lot of new opportunities to feed my habits.  It seemed that now that the Olympics are over everyone has some time to pay attention to business again.  Good for me!  I got 4 more opportunities today, after that I stopped answering the phone(kidding).  It should feed the machine for hte next while.  I don't talk much about work as this blog is not about that.  But at work I am as enthusiastic and intense as training.  I dont like to lose, so a lead to me is a sale.  Whenever I get a new possibility I pride myself on being able to get to the bottom of the opportunity and ultimately disappointing my competitors by winning the business.  
All that being said, today was a great day, a lot of new business coming in and more funds to feed the tri monster!
What about training???  Today's swim as you might imagine was awesome.  I had a 2400m practice with a combination of distance as well as drills.  Lately I have used a strategy of building some practices that are cumatively exhausting.  Start easy, build up a little, add a little more umphhhh and then make it a crazy dig deep adventure. The way I see it I might as well get used to being in adverse environment.  training is likely going to be a bitch and race day cant be any easier.
As well as a good day with training and work, chasing the dream was a great adventure as well.  My goal of having a successful coaching group continues to move forward.   I had several ore inquiries today for my upcoming clinic.  Once again I beleive that it is going to be a great success.  I am so excited to share my passion and help others get to the start line.  If any of you have any words of wisdom from your experiences please share them. As athletes you have enjoyed all kinds of experiences, please share them with me and allow me to share them with others.  After all, someone inspired you to become an obsessed tri fool, you owe it to others to do the same.  In a short while I will share my website and share the success of others with you !

Cheers and happy Tuesday!  It sucks that hte Olympics are done!


  1. Great day: work and training...gotta love it!

    I got it in my head to do a Tri after seeing two people I work with complete endurance training season's culminated by IM Tri's. Both atheletes trained hard and I could see their fitness change and improve over 12months time...It occurred to me maybe I could do the same? So this year in January I started swimming and bought a bike a month ago in the dead of winter in Minnesota and am looking forward to my first Triathlon in July this summer(half iron). I stumbled onto the online training blog community in January and everyone's experience has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!! - D

  2. sounds like you are having a great week! i'll think of you when i'm shredding fresh pow in t-minus 2 days :)

    not that i'm a very inspiring person.... but injury and the act of overcoming has inspired me over the last year. there is something motivating about building from the ground up. it makes you appreciated every stroke, stride, and ounce of pain...