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Friday, March 19, 2010

A succesful night!!

Not a lot to report, last night was light workout, only a 6-7k run.  It was a good one though as I led my Lululemon run club out for another evening.
The best part of this run is being out seeing others reach towards a goal tnat they never thought they could get to.  Last night their were 2 new participants with us.  As well as the new participants it was a great news evening.  It appears that amongst the people in the run club, 3 new people have set race goals for themselves this season.  I consider that a success as a coach/mentor as it is moving people past a comfort towards a new accomplishemnt.  Wahoo!
Other than a short run, my only other training is towards planning.  As I start out next week, I am working to get all my planning and tracking tools into place.  My goal is to have 1 month of my workouts ito my calendar.  Having them prepared and not need in to go look them up will make my daily planning a little easier.  As well as having my things laid out, I am putting together some training plans and tracking tools for teh runners in my clinic.  I want to have the process as organized as posssible so that I can focus on my training and make the review and cahnges to others at a 'glance'. 
As I am riding my bike these days, one of the goals that I am moving towards is a double century in the month of June.  This is not a regular century ride, it is one that can alter lives.  Yes, alther the lives of others and maybe your one day!  I am riding in the 'RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER'.  This ride raises funds that go directly to the Princess Margarte Hospital.  This is one of the leading cancer research centers in North America.  I  am competing some public events  towards the date to help raise funds, and I hope that some of you may support me as well.  Thank you to tjhose who already have.  You can click the noted link, which will bring you directly to my page to make a donation, John's Ride to Conquer Cancer .  My ride this year is in honor of a very close friend's mom who recently passed away from Cancer.  She was one of the most resilient women I have ever met, she spent 7 years fighting this terrbie disease and never let anyone else be inconvenienced.  Her husband has credited Princess Margarte Hospital as one of the main reasons she enjoyed those years.  Lease contirbute however you can so that others can have that same priviledge!
I hope eveyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!  cHEERS


  1. J, glad to hear your training is going well. I'm always amazed at how you give back, your a definite roll model.

    I was catching up on your blogs. Your spelling gotten much better, what's up with that??? haha.

    Keep me posted on your nutriotist, I'm curious how that goes. And don't worry about IM WI your going to kick ass and may it look easy.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Nice work with Lululemon!!! having those workouts planned and listed will be a huge huge plus....I did the same...have a great weekend! - D

  3. Once they are on the calendar, it always feels so much worse to miss a workout, kind of reverse psychology.

    Have a great weekend :)