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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Canadian Man's weekend!

Since my post, shich seesm like en eternity ago, I have had a ton of fun!  Yes, it was like a weekend at the cottage(teh cabin for American friends) since last Wednesday.
It did start on a great note Thusday with my normal workouts, I will not call them routine as that suggests a boring part to them.  My monring Yoga as always proved successful.  I practioced twice last week and founf the benefits to be even greater.  Over the next few weeks I am going to stick with a couple of practices a week to get me ready for the start of my traning.  It is also beneficail as it allows me to meet the people who will particaipting in my upcoming ROGA clinic!  ROGA?  What the heck is ROGA?  Running and Yoga!  Yes, my passion for coaching and teaching is coming to reality with my first true run clinic.  It is being done as a combined practice with POWER YOGA CANADA.  It is going to be a clinic for first timers up to 10k for an upcoming spring race.  After each run/training session we will follow it with a Yoga practice.  I am so looking frward to it starting.  I have to thank the Pauline and Kinndli from PYC for their support and encouragement in getting this program going with them!  Wahoo!  As some people know, I have a slogan, LIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS!  This is the beginning of a realization of a a dreama nd it is a lot of fun! 
Thursday also was another great swim day.  Overall as I sugested I would do I am upping my distances in my practices.  As I have done some good drills and technical work, I think it is important to push the miles a bit on those drills to keep form over the longer course.  Some of it was tough!  Did a ladder drills, 1 x 100, 2 x 200, 3 x 300.  Not to crazy?  Did the first 100, started the next 200 on 2:10 from start time, then started my subsequent 200 on 3:50, then for the 300 on 5:20.  For you fish like people, probably a piece of cake.  As I just got a conistent 1:50 a few weeks ago, so it was a great push workout!  I love the intesnsity of those workouts, and wil contiue to nupn the ante!  My intensity gets to my training partner as I push him beyond what he thinks he can do.  But, as I tell him, once at the start line, cutting the mileage or intensity is not an option!
Following my great swim, was week 2 of my ruin club at Lululemon.  The weather man promised impending weather chaos, so I did not know what to expect.  As I arrived at the store it was great to see the people from teh week befreo returning as well as one more new runner joiming in.  It was a graet 5k short run to get people into the winter run groove and set some base miles for new runners as well as some who have not been out for a while.  It is a great group to lead and run with as they all have a goal in  mind and want to work towards it together.
After my run the boys part of the weeked truly started.  The beginning adventure was a 2 hour drive through a crazy winter storm.  I am talking a strom where the roads were not distinguishable from the fields, a 2 hour white knuckle why the hewll am I doing this drive!  Once a year my ski club has a 'Men's Day', it was a Friday last week!  A day where 750 men get together on the premise that they are going to ski!  Ususally does not happen nearly that way.  So, I had to get up north to meet the friends that I was hosting for the event.  The drive was awesome though, I listed to the Canadian/US womens gold medal game as I drove up!  WOW! Couple of times I almost drove off the road becasue of the excitement(and the fact thatI did not know where the road was) What an awesome game!  I love nothing more than hearing the National anthem being played at the end of a game!  It was a graet game playing a great rivalry!  Truly made the scary drive a blast!  When I finall y did get up north, another tremendous Canadian/Olympic moment! Wathcing Johaniie Rochette skate to a medal finish!  OK, if that did not stir an emotion in you, you are a hard ass!  It represented the Olympic  spirit in teh greatest way and she could not have honored her mother in a more fitting way than a medal finish!  I know that she does not read my blog, but, WAY TO GO!  She should serve as a role model to every athlete and child! It was awesome!
Friday moring was the greatest part of mens day!  Woke up to more than a foot of new snow.  It was well over the top of my ski boots and the club was closed to only 750 people!  A powder day!  If you are a skier this means something to you.  There is a saying, 'there are no friends on powder days', for each his won and go find a new track!  Holy smnokes, run after run was epic, doing turn with snow flying into my face, hitting air and landing in snow piles above my waist.  Turn after turn I giggled like a scholl girl flying down the hill like a fool out of control taking huge airs and living the dream!  It ranks amongst the best ski days I have ever had!  The best part, so many of the guys were hung over from the night before, they did not stay out to ski it!  Ususally at mens day a lot of beer is involved, this year I had one beer at lunch as I wanted to be out on the snow as long and productively as I could!  I skied my ass off!  If you ever want to learn to powder ski, give me the time and the place and I will be there! NO, you dont have to pay me, just give me an excuse!  :) 
The antics following skiing are typical of amny room full of beer and 700 men.  A lot of farting, tons of food, a bad comedian.  It was a good day as it did raise $10000's  for charities.  Overall at 10 out of 10 day!


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  1. you made me literally LOL as i pictured you out on the ice gigling like a school girl. ski lessons with you is now officially on my bucket list! i should maybe write ROGA on the list too. you and canada have had a wonderful 10 days. i love when the lightning play a canadian team just to hear the canadian anthem...such a catchy tune. much better than the USA anthem. I'm not a hater, i just think it's a lame anthem.