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Monday, March 22, 2010

One down 171 to go!

As I imagined today was another day like any other!  But, it was even better!  I am on my way, with my first workout done and feeling good!
My weekend efforts seem to have paid off well.  I had all of my tools set out for me today.  My blackberry now has all my workouts at my fingertips(numb from typing them in) but I know at a moment what I am doing!  As well as being able to know what I need to do, I can log the results as well.  I have been somewhat lazy at doing it most of the winter, my goal was to start properly with my program.  As well as training, I am tracking my nutrition.  I am a number and analytical kind of guy, so I have the tools that I need to be able to geek out look at what I am doing and make any changes to my program as I think will help me out!  Wahoo!  More geek toys to obsess over!
Workout #1 turned out to be a great swim today.  Although it was short, it was full of fun drills!  I think I drank my fill of pool urine for the next few weeks!  I did a 2200 m workout with about 400m using my hands.  The rest of the day was all kicking.  I did a lot of kicking over the course of the last few months but not like todays workout!  I kicked on my side, my stomach, my other side, side 2 side, hands in front, hands on side, let's just say I kicked a lot.  The workout was super productive for finding my balance in my stroke and finding the deficiencies in balance as well.  Overall I would rank today as an 9 out of 10 kind of workout.  It was very sow workout, but great for improvement!
WIth workout #1 underway the games have begun!  Time to go and stretch a little and get some beauty sleep.  That is a bad term when it comes to me, beauty and sleep should not go togther when you see me in the AM.  I am a bitch getting out of bed, but, once I start lookout!  Early day tomorrow, here I go!  Cheers


  1. yes, you did do a lot of kicking today...kicking a$$ for sure! 1 day down and many more great one's to go!

  2. NIIIIIICE 1: CHECK...great work you are on your way

  3. That is some serious leg workout right there. Fantastic work. All that kicking will definately pay off when it comes time for your race.

  4. Kicking/balance drills are always slow, but so worth it in the long run, I bet you notice the difference on your next swim.

    Great day one: tick!