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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hosted my First Run Clinic

What a cool day it was for me!  As I have said before, LIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS.  Tonight was great as it was one little step along that journey for me.  I hosted the first night of an 8 week learn to run to 5k-10k program.  I am co-hosting this program with POWER YOGA CANADA to help new runners get to the start line of a race in May.  
The night was an absolute blast. Although there were only 5 runners this evening, many more will join us over the coming days. What I enjoyed most about the evening is the variety of running experiences and the the goals that each wants to achieve.  The variety is great and is enjoyable to coach as I can not take a canned approach to the plan or it will fail for most.  As it was a learn to run, we did short runs of 2.5 k and another of 6k.  The 6k was with a man who has done many marathons and is out to maintain fitness for an upcing trip to France to cycle.  It was a great tempo run.  As he said to me half way through, what do you call 2 guys running together, A RACE.  We were running 4:45-4:30 km pace. I loved it.  It is great to run with others to push you along your limits.  As we circled along we joined back up with the rest of the group and had a chance to run with them for a while as well.  It was a great night, for some it was the first time ever running which they totally enjoyed, for others it was a re-intro and the start towards a new goal.  Being a part of someone setting out to me is a privilege so tonight was a blast!
A very short post tonight as I have some organizing to do for the course that I am running tomorrow.  I am out to examine a group of ski instructors who are coming out to try the exam for the first time.  Over the next four days ideally I can help new young instructors develop a passion for the sport of skiing and share with the future!
Hope your day was awesome!  See you later! Cheers!


  1. Very cool thing for you to do and sounds like it will be rewarding to be a part of!

  2. You sound jazzed, and rightly so, what a great day! :)

  3. I wish all instructors were like you. I can tell just by reading this how enthusiastic you are. Your students will feed off this and strive to become as good as you :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great start to something special. Those runners are lucky to have such a great motivator sharing the love of the sport.

  5. Great program, and great to have a coach like you. Like Barbie said, I can tell you really enjoy this, and the students are lucky to have someone like you leading them.

  6. Congrats. It sounds like it went well. I'm looking forward to reading how the rest of the clinic goes.