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Thursday, March 18, 2010

And another awesome one goes by.....

I seem to be a day behind on my postings these days.  I will blame it on daylight savings?  Hope that excuse works!
Yesterday proved to be another excellent day for traning and progress.  The sun was once again shining bright and the temperature was great!  I am beginning to see why so many of the pros traun in warmer climates, it has such a hughe mental affect on people!  All that being saud, I was mentally with it yesterday, lovin life and moving forward.
My first workout yesterday was a good swim. I did 2500m in just under 50 minutes.  It wsa a combination of drills and lenghts.  ALthough it was supposed to be times lengths. I took my swim watch out of my bag so I decided to just go with it.  I find it amazing how fast you can get inot a groove with the obesession of a watch on your wrist.  I found that as I got into my 5-6 x 200 I got inot a flow and was able to get inot a great breathing rhythm as I pulled through the water.  I did discover that I have a lot of strength training that I can benfit from with my swim.  If I can get my entire stroke to increase in power, even 10% I am sure it will translate postively.  As I am still learning this swim game, once I hit open water I can play aorund and see if I would use power gain to go faster or to come out of the water less spent with a better fuel tank for the bike.  I guess time will tell as I push through my workouts.
I did not mention the other day that I have also decided to seek some nutriotional advice for my trianing.  As I have lost 35lbs since last July and still seem to be dropping, I am concerned about my nutrition and fuel being proper as I ramp up.  I am very lucky to have found  .  Kimberly Schwabenbauer is an outstanding triathlete as well as a licended nutrionist and dietician.  I am looking forward of going through the process of re-discoverin my nutriiton and putting together the ultmite path to good food along the way.  Getting advice from a Tri-Champion could not be a better way to take care of the 4th element, and most important one for triathletes.
Yesterday was also the 3rd day of my run clinic.  I love it!  Being St. Patty's day yesterday, I had a total of 8 runners come to join us, all of them wearing St Ptty's Day green.  It was a great run with all the participants showing progress after only 3 times out.  From a 'caoch' perspective it is great to be working with people who are open minded and very committed to the goal tye have set.  Already I am getting positive feedback from them on the enjoyment of the journey and the informaitn that I am providing them.  As we were running aloing yesterday It was also great to be recognized ny the cars driving along.  As they zoomed by us, they beeped their horns, waving at us and giving us the thumbs up.  As I sad to the group afterwards, it was eaither they admore us being out there being healthy, or, I was running with 8 girls??  Either way it is great energy when people are waving at you as you run along!
Folowing a good run, was the reward.  A great Yoga practice with all of the participants.  The clinic is a ROGA clinic.  We combine running with a Yoga practice twice weekly, the benefits are all around great!  Yesterday, Trish was aour practice leader, it was my first time practicing with Trish.  Holy Smokes!  I should have weighed myself before and after.  I am certian that I would have weighed 5 lbs less based on the sweat that was pouring off of me.  About half way through the practice I was about ready to keel over, it was tough.  But, as always, by the end of it I had a smile on my face and a renewed energy!  If you have a chance to practice Baptiste Power Yoga, do yourself a favour and try it out.  If you are wondering if there is a studio in your area, let me know, the owner of the studio that I practice at seems to know every studio in North America!  TRY IT!  It is awesome.
So that was another chapeter in John's Ironman Adventure!  As I move along this raod, the journey becomes more exciting, more energetic and a great learning experience!  Thanks to all you bloggers for amking the journey a very exciting one!  I am sending all of you good  energy as you move into the next workout in your journey!  Cheers and Happy training!

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  1. Right ON John! I've just been catching up with all of your posts, good job with your student. Sometime a little reality smack works on kids, you just never know how you will affect his life in the future, he may one day say to a smart ass kid, "jeezz, I had this instructor who woke me up"! & that's what I'm going to do for you.

    HA, the reality of the IM has hit huh? Good! You'll ROCK IT!!

    You should follow Wes at a Code Geeks Tale and for nutrition TriMarni, you can find them on my sidebar....