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Monday, March 15, 2010

And I ponder.....

WHAT?  Ponder what?  Good question?!
As I sat eating dinner tonight and reviewing my training which starts next week, I asked Trish a good question?  WHAT THE HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!  Yep, you heard it?  I questioned where I was and for a moment wondered how the hell I got here?  It wasn't a question of self doubt more of rhetorical question as I get to the point of no return.  In my mind the point of no return was when I hit send last September, but now it is real!  Time to pull on my shorts, tie up my shoes, put on my goggles and put some air in the tires!  7 more days and it is GO TIME!  A half a year ago it seemed like it was a pong way off, now its here!  I can't way to start this process and enjoy the next 6 months of the pain, the  miles, the sweat and the frustration!  Yeah!  You heard right I am looking forward to this!
When I made the decision to do IM, it was one I had considered for a long time.  AT that point I had my crutch, I could not swim so I stayed away.  Well, I got that monkey off my back and did the deed.  The past few months has been spent, running, swimming, riding and as you know skiing.  The winter has been one of the best that I have had.  I was saying to a friend this weekend, that it is the first time in a long time that 'I feel strong'.  No, not He-Man strong, physically fit and healthy as I ever have.  It is a great way to start into a training program, feeling healthy and ready to tackle a monumental task.  The next week will be a little rest and some short workouts before Monday's first official training day!  Wahoo!  Here goes!
Isn't spring and day light savings a great thing!  Today was about 10 degrees and a great day to be outside, with an extra hour of sun to boot!  So, I took advantage of it and did a short brick.   It was a good 34km ride in 56 minutes followed by a short T-run to get the legs into the groove.  It was awesome!  A year ago, I would have likely been 1:05 on the bike and ran out at a 6 min/k.  NO, not today after a good ride which seemed fairly low effort, I averaged 5:05 on my run!  I felt awesome the whole time, heart rate did not explode and no burn to talk about.  It was an awesome feeling to start off my training with that kind of brick.  I have to note this one in the book as I know there will be a whole lot of them that will seem to be terrible once I get into this process!  
Today was a great day and I look forward to starting this game!  I hope I am not delusional in my excitement for this process!  If you are, I look forward to the opportunity of saying you were right to think I am crazy, but showing you a finishers medal with a smile on my face and the best memories I can  imagine!
I hop your day was awesome and that your week is even better!  CHEERS!


  1. Wow, nice run!! Nice everything, I'm excited for you!! This is going to be a GREAT journey!! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. You signed up for a great journey. sometimes the excitement is unbearable! next 6 months are going to be grand John!

  3. Nice brick John :)
    Do note it down, good days always bolster me when I'm having a bad workout. I hope it will do the same motivation trick for you.

    If you are insane, there is a lot of insanity going around!

    Get into the grrove this week for a fab start to your training. I know you will love every minute,.. some of them afterwards. ;)

  4. First official day, let the countdown begin! How exciting. Glad you got rid of that monkey;)