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Friday, March 5, 2010

10 random thing about me and TGIF!

Yesterday evening I was challenged by KC , who is a kick ass training first time IRONMAN athlete(who will kick butt) to complete my blog that tells 10 random things about me.  I have seen many of these and have never spent the time to do this, so here goes!  I think it is a great thing to do, I might even learn something about myself as I write these out.  Here I go in no random order and put down as they come to my head!

1. I idolize my wife.  She is the greatest most patient girl that I know.  She  stands by my side and watch me chase my dreams with a support that is unbelievable.  I would walk on glass if she asked me to because in my world she could never be found again!

2.  I truly believe that nothing is impossible!  As you may have seen in my posts I believe in LIVING FOR MY DREAMS.  If you believe in something and you are honest with yourself it is truly achievable!  If you want to be a Millionaire you can do it, if you want to be the president of a company you can do it, if you want to do an IRONMAN go do it.  The only person stopping you is you!

3.  I live by the rule 'what comes around goes around'.  I actually believe in this thought to an extreme.  If I stub my toe it is because I did something that hurt another individual.  I try and live my life accordingly as it hopefully means that good things will happen to me.

4. I am goal driven person!  If I do not set a goal to accomplish something I tend to float around and move towards whatever it is I am trying to do.  If I do set a goal, i am not deterred until i accomplish it.

5.  A realization that I have come to in the past few years is my passion for helping others accomplish goals.  That can be via a sport related goal, a charitable organization, helping the neighbor, if it means that they achieve something then  it pleases me.

6.  I live by extreme, considered by some of my friends as being obsessed.  Whenever i decide to do something I tend to want to do it as well as can be imagined and then add another few percent.  I dont do things to be OK at them, I want  to be good!

7.  I believe in having the proper equipment to complete a task.  If you are going running buy running shoes not tennis shoes, if you are going powder skiing use powder skis, if you live in Canada buy a winter jacket.  I get frustrated when 'experienced' or 'logical' people say they cant do something only to discover that they are using the wrong equipment.(by the way I also love shopping)

8. I am  a realist.  I tend to set goals that challenge me, but not to an unrealizable degree.  I also am proud in an ability to help friends discover the reality of situations in order to make them able to achieve what it is they are looking to achieve.

9.  I am passionate and driven.  I do not choose to do things that I do not have a passion for, to me this is waste of time!

10.  I don't start a new task after 9PM.  I am a person who is most productive early in the day so that is when I start my tasks!  I believe that 9PM is a time to unwind so that you can have some quality sleep.

11.  OOPS, I am only supposed to list 10!   I LOVE MY LIFE!  had to add that one!

Thanks KC for getting me to do this!  A fun and enlightening experience.  To all my blog readers, please try this out and send me a message letting me know would love to read!

Have a great weekend!



  1. aawww, i love #1. A LOT! that alone speaks volumes about you. #2 rings true for me. I knew the day i finished my first marathon that there wasn't anything out there that i couldn't do. Great list! My 7th tat and it was my first, is on my right hip...i got it on a whim one day coming home from work 12 years ago. it is a sun, with red/yellow/orange flames around it, a huge smile, wearing sunglasses. the meaning behind it? the future is so bright, i gotta wear shades.

  2. you are so right, I have a tattoo of a frog on skis(french people are called frogs) thatI get after I passed a huge certification exam. I should have put shaded on him. Cheers

  3. Enjoyed your list!

    #1...I applaud you for your honesty, someone should pass this on to your wife. This also really describes the type of person you are, well said and well done!

    #4, 6, & 8 hit home for me. Especially #6, I dive in head first with everything I begin.

  4. I absolutely love this. There are many on this page that have a real connection with me. Like Numbers 2,4,6 and 9. A great idea Skierz, I shall definately write down 10 things about myself and put in on my fridge. That way when I am feeling a bit down or put out I have this to focus on.

  5. I liked numbers 1 and 10, I agree that time of the day is for unwinding, not workouts, and our most important people are our OHs.:)

    I also enjoyed reading your honest description of yourself, it is like getting to know you better.