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Monday, March 1, 2010

Go time gets closer yet!

Another couple of weeks of slacking off and then it is the real deal!  No more calling my weekends cross training time, doing short runs or no pushing 100% all the time.
I am looking forward to the training experience for a few reasons!  First, I suppose as a Type A, I want to see what I have inside myself and how far I can push that limit.  Kind of a bizarre thing to want to go that hard, but that is how I am wired.
The second part is following a structure to get to what is still an unknown result to come.  Following a very well outlined strategy with a lot of tough workouts should prove for some good results.  Following this will be a huge baseline experiment, as this is IM #1 I dont know what I am capable of, so the next few months will tell me each day what I can do and ideally lead to a great day in September.
Another great part of this goal is the realization of a dream.  Until only a few months ago the thought of IRONMAN was a bucket list thing.  Well, here goes, a chance to tick that one of the list.  I have the outmost of respect for the people who have completed an IM and I now have the chance to become one of them.
In the process of all this happening has been another goal established.  I am hosting my first run clinic starting next week and it appears that it is being received quite well at this point.  It is very exciting to be able to share with people a passion and to get them to the start line with me.  The race in May will not only be a good marathon training run for me, it will be a first, leading many people to the start line from the first time.  The attached photo is my(and doggie Karma) intro on the PYC website, my 15 seconds of fame!
Today was my first 10 mile run, it was a very deliberate slow run trying to keep my heart rate scary low. I have to say it is really hard to run slow to do that, but it is a required way to go right now to get the base I need to establish.  So my 10 miles was done at a 9 min pace keeping my heart rate under 150, it felt very easy to accomplish.  Easy from an exertion perspective, but it killed not to speed up.  I suppose that will come soon enough!  My goal this week is to run all 5 days building up some mileage, then next week I will 'coast' as I swim a little more.  The last time I did that small experiment my running improved a great deal, so I figure I can try it again and see what results it provides!
Now that hte Olympics are over, I am going to catch up on my sleep.  I hope you all had a great day!  See YA!


  1. J, I'm always impressed with your giving back and "big time" positive attitude. Good luck with the clinic."LIVING THE DREAM".

  2. Well, to make you feel much, much better. Your slow pace, is my fast one!

    All the tri disciplines are relatively new to me.