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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arent Thursday's the top!

I had another great Thursday!  Imagine!  The photos above are only a part of what makes the day a full and awesome one.  Like every other Thursday it is a routine kind of day!  
A short run at 5AM to wake up, followed my an improving yoga practice.  As some know mornings are not my specialty, not that I am in a bad mood or anything, I just seem to have some mental block to accepting early mornings.  It is crazy as I get up before 7am from November to April 7 days a week, so by now you figure I would be over whatever it is that urks me!  NO!  Except for Thursday.  I dont know if it is the variety of workouts or number of workouts that I enjoy.  As time is getting closer, I hope I learn that it is the frequency that I like.  It would make the 2 workout a day for 6 months a fun time.
ONe of todays highlights was my swim once again.  As planned I increased my distance and intensity again.  The gradual build will hopefully be a good strategy over the next dew weeks.  Todays total distance was 3000m with about 50% of it as drills.  For one of the first times, I started to feel some upper body burn from the swim.  As I have been working on form I find I am using a lot more upper body muscles to pull myslef  forward. My last workout had a lot of paddle work.  As I was on the last set of a 5 x 300m today I could feel my upper body getting tired. It was a great feeling!  
Tonight was exciting!  THis weekend is supposed to be awesome weather so I spent some time getting a road bike ready to go.  This Saturday I will spend the first half of the day skiing and then get out on a road ride!  Wahoo!  Spring is in the air!
Hope you had a great day!  Dont ever forget, Live for your Dreams!  It makes the world a better place!


  1. I'm impressed that your able to get up early for 5:00 am run, I don't know how you do it other than focus and determination. LIVING THE DREAM

  2. For got to add, nice pic of you running with the dog. Really captures the moment.

  3. you big show off with your cool yoga pose! such great balance! have fun this w/e skiing & RIDING. can it get any better?