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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's hump day people!

Yep, half way through another week, more miles on the shoes, more bubbles in the pool and more experience to reflect upon as the quest continues.  Today was a rest day as I head into Super Thursday, 445AM run, yoga, swim, run, run!  I love it!
Altlhough it was a rest day, that work thing kept me flying like a crazy man. I felt like I was watching an Olympic Hockey game, on the edge of my seat pushing to get every little bit in order to win.  It was another great day running to close some new business.  I must say that days like today make me realize how much I strive on stress.  The more I have on my plate the more motivated I become and the better I seem to get at it.  I guess I ned to start training harder and hope that the strategy pays off.  In either case, I will make some money at the office and get some great workouts under my belt!
Today was also a great day of progress with my run clinic world.  A few more inquiries came in, each day a couple more is a good indication that people want to participate.  I have spent quite a bit of time preparing so I am anxious to get out there and help people towards the start line.  It is a great feeling to know that I am going to be able to share with others my experiences, my knowledge and my enthusiasm.  Best of all, being at the start line with them in 9 weeks, seeing some of them accomplish the first run race result of the their lives!  My winter sport enthusiasm is finding its way into my summer world!  Hold on Sally, the ride has just started!
I learned recently of the best compliment that anyone could ever look for.  As most may know I am enthusiastic about helping others get to a goal.  I have a client who I have been teaching skiing.  I learned that very recently he was going to stop his membership at our club when his kids were off to school.  He felt that he was not progressing in his skiing and that without the growth and progress he could focus on other areas.  He recently went out on a requested private lesson with me to see if he could gain some new insight.  It seems to have spurred a change in his thought process.  A friend shared with me that as a result of the winter of lessons and the private lesson that we went out one he has found a renewed enthusiasm for the sport and is no longer considering ending his membership.  This for me is the greatest compliment in the world.  I am very proud of my ski ability and would teach for free it it paid my mortgage.  To receive this kind of feedback makes every bit of my enthusiasm grow even stronger!
I hope that I might have that same influence on others in the upcoming clinic, and that I drink some of my own kool aid when I am 10 weeks into training and feeling like a sack of hammers!

Thank you to all of you as well.  This goofy little blog world has been successful at  a couple of things for  me.  It has motivated me a ton hearing your training stories and awesome race reports!  It has also given me a world of accountability.  Hearing teh pain and work you do makes me want to share my goals, and if I tell you guys, guess what, I need to poney up and get it done!  This journey has been a blast so far and it is only getting better!
Time for my run and yoga sleep!  Hope your day has been awesome!  Happy hump day and Cheers to you!


  1. run, yoga , swim, run...perfect day then :)

    Yes that is the best compliment, a renewed joy in skiing for him, what more could anyone want?

  2. I love the feeling of knowing you have touched someone's life that much. Good work :)and keep it up.