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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do you want to be here......or not!

Sometimes in life we do certain things because we think it will bring us great joy and fulfillment, other times we do it because an expectation has been placed on us and we dont really have a great deal of choice in the matter.  If you are doing an event you can certainly tell one person from the other based on the attitude that they have a they are participating.
I am currently conducting a course/exam for Level 1 Canadian Ski INstructors Alliance.  As most of you know, skiing is my huge passion and teaching it is a great opportunity to share it with others.  Conducting a course/examination is even better as it is a chance to influence those who are the future of the sport.  The course that I am doing i relatively small with only 7 candidates doing it.  Of the 7 people, 2 of them are there for retests from a previously failed portion.  Working with a small group is challenging as the awards at the end become quite obvious as I present the people who have completed it and those who have not.
Well, out of the 2 people, one came in with his A game.  He started the day showing a real enthusiasm and desire to learn where he could improve and putting forward a great effort to work with his peers to show them he was worthy of being awarded his instructor pin.  He was a pleasure to work with and the group related to him very well.  Now, the other guy???  Quite obviously does not care about passing it or not.  Showed up with a parent and was all jovial and enthusiastic, until mom left, then he became $%^&!   Come on kid, pretend you give a sh&t!  you only have to be hear 2 days and show me 5 things, you can do a bloody flip in a terrain park, you can turn your skis!  NO!  Just seems to refuse to drop the 'I am to cool for school' attitude. It is so bad that his peers commented that it seemed he does not want to be there.  this is a group of 15-16 year olds making this observation.  I am all for a little music while I am skiing, but, you are on a course and the conductor is talking and you have the balls to wear an iPod?!?  Dont you  get it??  I aksed him to take it off and put it away, the next chair up he has it in again!!  We go into the classroom at the end of the day, what does he do, puts it on again.  He actually had the nerve to ask that he not participate in the classroom as he had already done it once before.  YOU FAILED IT the first time and you want to miss it this time!  I am a fair evaluator and will work with you individually to see that you succeed, I will give you many changes to prove that you are trying and want to get there, this is the first time that I can remember that someone has tried me.  It is to bad when his parents show up tomorrow afternoon to get him that they learn he likely has not passed!  It sucks for me as a coach as well, I dont like coaching athletes who dont make a true honest commitment to themselves!
enough complaining, other than that, THE DAY WAS AWESOME! The sun was shining, everyone had that sunshine smile on their faces behind there shaded!  It was a perfect spring ski day.  Double bonus as it was supposed to rain all day! Gotta love those days!
After a great day of skiiing, I put on my shoes and headed out for a beautiful run, again perfect weather makes it easy to do.  I love running when I am up here as it is a very healthy minded area.  As I am running everyone is smiling and waving adding the the pleasure of the run!  It made the run a very happy and productive one.
My run clinic last night was also a great success.  I received an email today from one of the participants, it was an awesome review.  She was very positive about the format that I am using and is now pumped about the gaol she has set based on what we did last night.  She admitted she showed up a little reluctant, but her first session has her moving in the right way.  I am a pretty upbeat person to begin with, but endorsements like she sent me fuel my passion even greater!
Hope your day was a great one!  happy training and hey, its Friday!  Cheers


  1. such a shame that kid doesn't see how he is wasting such a valuable opportunity. also sounds like it's not his passion but maybe the parent's. that's unfortunate. on the other side of the coin, sounds like your ROGA is going to be a real hit. Woo-hoo, way to go!

  2. Nice run after skiing!! great job hanging in there with the group...we cant control how others behave or WANT it for them right? way to be there for those who want it - D

  3. Big thumbs up to you for your patience with that child. I probably would have called his parents and asked for them to come and pick him up. It is such a waste of your time and expertise and energy like that brings a downer on the other kids. I am all for helping others and would give up all my time if I had too but kids like that, sheesh,.....Keep up all your great work :)