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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I will say it again, spring is awesome!

Yestreday evening while I was eating dinner I came to a realization.  Although daylight savings time should provide a mental thought of more time, I have already adapted and am using it and then some.  I guess I am a person who needs a ton of natural viatmain D, the gool old sunshine!  The weather sonce daylight savings has been the best and I have taken full advantage of every moment.  Most nights I am in bed by 10:00-10:30, so far this week I am after 11 with a ton of energy to brun.  I am getting all sort so stuff done, toms of reading that I have wanted to do.
On a better note is the extra time for training outside! As I am getting into a mental zone to start my program, I am enjoying my workouts more than ever.  Yestreday was no exception.  I am quite good about using heart zones to do my training to get me to my gaols.  The results are easy and outstanding.  Last night I wetn out with a goal HR of 150.  A year ago 150 would have been running a 6-6:15 pace for me.  Last night I averaged 5:15 with about 2k of it being a huge kick butt hill!  Realtive to many it is not fast, but for me, I am over the moon with that result.  The winter has been somewaht relaxing for me from a run perspective, so results lik that without a ton of iles is very encouraging. 
My run club and clinic are moving along well!  I have spent some time putting together runing and training tips for the people who are participting and they are being received with enthusiasm.  As I continue to develop them people seem to be getting more involved and already more driven to reach the goals they have set.  With the ski season now done it is great to be able to continue to focus on growth wth others and to fuel my caoching passion.  I am looking forward to this evening's clinic.  With the great weather it it going to bring out a few more people and should have everyone running with a smile.  It should be entertaining as well.  I havew asked everyone to wear green for St Patty's day, we shold be a fun site strolling down the road.
I hope your day is awesome.  SMile, go to your Happy place for a couple of minutes and remember, Live for your Dreams!


  1. i'm living for my dreams!! the runners will look like Leprechauns running in search of their pot of gold! Have fun.

  2. That should be a fun time! Those km run splits always screw me up when reading ... you crazy Canadians and your metric ... have a happy st patty's day!

  3. i luv the sunshine too!!! i might even ride outside this weekend... yay! i do need some of your energy tho. not happening for me this week