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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Terrific Terrible Thursday!

What??  Terrible??  In a good way!  Holy smokes was my swim today a killer!
Over the course of the week my training gets increasingly more intense each day. A little more miles and a little more hurt with those miles!  The increase in intensity with running and turning pedals is something that I am used to doing.  The swim is a different game.  It will all come together so right now I suck it up and keep pushing!
Today is a normal thursday for me, more to do than the hours allow!  Oh well! I sign up for it and push myself along the merry-go-round loving the ride!  Today started with a short speed workout.  The weather was golden this afternoon, bright sun nice temperature, ideal for outside running.  I went out knowing that later in the evening I was doing a Lululelon run club and it would be at least a 5k run, so my mileage was set accordingly.  It was good, I did a warm up and then 45 second sprints, followed by a 2-3 minute cool and more sprints.  After only 3 workouts like this, I can feel an improvement coming on.  The workout was short at about 40 minutes, only to be followed by a swim.
Today's swim is about the hardest I have done to date!  Last night I did a Yoga class that was 100% upper body strain!  I pushed beyond reason, to the point of failure 3-4 times.  Well, today I could feel it in the pool.  the practice started off great with a couple of 1:40-42 x 100m, I was happy as a clam about that.  As the day went on and I continued through my work, my arms became increasingly exhausted.  By 2/3 of the way through I found it a challenge to pull through efficiently.  But, I pushed and got through it.  Next week I know that my priority is swimming and not to be a hero at Yoga.
Today, the swim was followed my a good weight session.  I am still in the build so it was not super intense, it does feel awesome to get a good pump workout going.  
After a great day of workouts, I always look forward to my run club event at Lululemon!  Tonight was awesome. Any time there are new people it is exciting, tonight, a total of 7 new poeple came out to run.  There were all levels of runners and all speeds came out.  It is great to see new people coming out and a community forming around the sport and the  store. They are a great store for creating a strong community for everyone to participate in!  I think that the run club can turn into a great community event and a lot of people will be out for the health and fun of it!  It certainly pleases me to be a part of it!
This weekend is a holiday weekend starting with tomorrow.  SO, I am off ot bed as I am hosting my ROGS run tomorrow so that we can all have a long weekend!  If you are off tomorrow, enjoy!


  1. I think that will be your challenge since you do like to give your best at each workout. Reserve some mojo for the essential ones, though I'm with you, yoga needs to stay in the mix.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. John, I can't say it enough, the sharing of your time and helping others is amazing. I can tell you get a lot out of it and I'm sure they do as well.

  3. Doing great as ususal, not just for yourself but for others :)

  4. Nice work on the swim and the workouts...Lululemon also does a great job in Minneapolis running events and coordination of activites with great people...keep it up!!