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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 199 down! and a good one it was!

It seems today was no different than any other day.  The nervousness from last night is all but gone, I got up this morning and everything was the same.  Yep, I did not like getting up, went to the washroom with the same result, went to work and it continued like every other day.  Life i suppose is a game of numbers and last night the number was first and foremost in my mind.  I am certain there will be other days that pass the same way, all out panic at 8am and back to normal by 9!  What a fun game this is!
Work today was a good one.  It seems that work has been very cyclical lately, last month was a snooze the month before was a great one.  Finally today seems the to be the beginning of some good activity.  I was out to 2 client visits that should both produce some results.  As well, the phone was ringing and activity in general is on hte upswing!  this is a good thing, earning a few dollars will both fund this crazy habit as well as keep the roof over our heads.
My workout today as short but good.  I was out for another short run and managed once again to maintain a sub 5 min/k run.  It is such a blast to be out running and actually enjoying it.  In all the time I have run it has always seemed like a chore to be doing it, now it is to produce a result. As I am getting results it is making the workouts enjoyable and ones that I look forward to.  So far as I have been ramping my mileage I have also been fortunate to avoid the plantar fasciatis that got me before the holidays.  Ideally upping my mileage logically will help me prevent.  I have been very conscious of stretching this time around, I think that contributes a great deal to the overall avoidance of injury.  I have spoken with a couple of trainers and they tell me that the key to success will be to continue to stretch.  WIthout addressing flexibility they suggest that my account with the physiotherapist will increase significantly, that is something i certainly want to avoid.  
Tonight is a big night as a Canadian, it is hockey do or die time. So, I am treating myself to a night at the pub with some friends to cheer them on!  Cheers with me, Canada's national sport is hockey and we need to be in the finals!  Go Canada Go!  Cheers!
I have just returned from a great hockey game!  Canada played hockey like they have played it before!  WaHoo! And hwo about the Canadian women bobsled!  Wahoo x 2!  Skating, lovin it!  It has been a great day! Way to go Canadian Olympians!


  1. Yes! What do you think Canada vs. USA in hockey finals!?! Care to make a wager?!:)

  2. USA has too many Minnesota'ns on the squad...wont beat Canada twice hopefully we match up against a different squad but your team looked good last night against Russia!

  3. should be a great game assuming both teams make it past hte next round! Go Canada Go!

  4. Aren't countdowns wonderful, they just raise your heartrate by looking at them, not to mention VO2 gasps of disbelief. Sub 200 now!

    Sounds like your yoga is paying off :)

  5. And it looks like we have a game on our hands... Yes, I can't wait for my Canada care package. Be sure to keep it lite, the contents will cost more to ship than the contents themselves!