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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another family Christmas survived!!!

I hope Christmas was great for all!  Too much to eat, more presents than you deserved, a slight headache today from the eggnog....and for Canadians, energy to go and face the boxing day sales(NOT!!!)
We had a great time with family!  We always head up to my mother in laws as the central spot for all to meet.  We all made our way up on Christmas eve to begin teh ensuing chaos.  Traditionally my mom in law makes dinner for Christmas day.  About 3 weeeks ahead she starts to get wound up about it and drives every one else who has a phone crazy, on the phone to them 4 times a day asking for this that and the other thing.  As soon as dinner was over she generally ended up ion bed sick from running around like a mad woman for 3 weeks  So, we decided it was time to make some changes.  My mother in law was told she was not to set foot in the kitchen.  It works out great, each one of us takes on a part and without to much chaos we have a great dinner.  The best part is mom in law doesnt make every around her mad, and she is not sick the following the holiday dinner.  Yesterday was year 2 following the plan and she seems to be loving it!
Were you naughty or nice??  I have not quiote figured it out based on my gifts.  My wife has had a big smile on her face for teh past week when I have asked her what she got me.  We have played the guessing game whicj got me no where.  Can I use it for sports??  Can I share it?? Does it involve my training?  All answers were given with a funny smile!  It is the most crazy gift  could have ever imagined!  She wrapped up a TOILET!  ha!Ha!  I almost fell off teh couch laughing when I opened it up!  So, I guess I was a good boy this year???
As well as the chaos of dinner, I did manage to get a great run in yesterday.  With my new GARMIN 305, I did a great hill workout.  It was my first true winter run, over teh roads covered in ice and snow, wind blowing hard enough to hold you back.  Crazy enough, I truly enjoyed it running the whole time with a smile on my face.  As I ran down the road each person who passed me looked at me like I was on fire.  They all had a look of disbelief that I would be running in this weather and on Christmas day no less.  That likely added to my enjoyment of the run, waving and wishing people Merry christmas as I ran along.  Another great present is the trainer I am getting for my bike.  If there is anything I can get to make ti easier, I am on it.  So when I get back to the city I am off to the store to get a VR trainer so that I am looking at something while doing my rides.  The only thisng that sucks about that, now I have to start riding!  It's all good!

I am looking forward to the next few days of this year.  I am heading to the ski hill this afternoon for the week.   The photos are the scene from the hottub that I must to endure each night after a day on the hills and a run home!  Kinda sucks doesnt it??   I will be teaching a camp for the week which I love doing.  As well as my activities I have started to reflect on the past year and the things that I have done!  It puts a smile to my face and a giggle in my thoughts.  With wahT I have done this year, it has set the theme for 2010, it should be a year full of fun and adventure!
Off to see if I can find a pool that is open for a swim!  have a great day!


  1. Wrapping up a toliet. Now that is Christmas! Great Blog! Hope you enjoyed your Holiday!

  2. poor you...skiing for a week. SOOO jealous! Hope there's lots of fresh pow :)

  3. You are going to love that Garmin! The toilet bit had me smiling, what a hoot!

    Some people really cannot believe runners run in winter ... I asked a teacher to pledge me for an event and her response was something along the lines of 'You are running? In WINTER?! Are you crazy? You know there is snow on the ground right?'
    Have fun skiing and instructing!