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Sunday, December 6, 2009

There is a Santa Claus!!

All the news in my part of the world talked about today was that is was snowing like hell north of the city, that is in ski country!  Yes, you heard it, Santa Claus has trumped mother nature and brought the snow along.
Very short post tonight, I am up to my eyeballs in alligators and have to get some work done....will finish up tomorrow AM early!
Cheers and Happy dreams! last night I got all my work done, almost!??  I was exhausted!  We went to some good frineds for dinner and I had to pull the plug and come home.  I knew I had work to get done and was a walking Zombie!  So, after a great dinner and lots of laughs went to my desk to fight sleep and get things done.

Yesterday was the culmination of a great week for training.  As I started on this quest I could not swim at all.  This week I set a goal to complete 10000m of traning over my workouts.  So, yesterday feeling relaxed I cruised to 11000m accomplishing my swim goal.  It is a bit of a personal victory.  When I signed up for IM I did not know how the hell I would get to the finish of the swim without some type of floation device strapped to my ass.  Well, after this week of great traning results, I am confident that I can get to the end of the swim and feel great getting onto the bike.  Best part is, each workout I still seem to be inproving.  I will keep at it unitl my training program begins without strssing too much, keep doing drillsa to improve efficiencey and technique and I am certain it will get me out of the water in decent shape.  I have set one more benchmark for my own satisfaction, before the holiday season is over I am going to do an IM distance swim as a practice!!  This week I am cutting my training distance by half, next week slowly increase with each workout and then just before Christmas, put it out there! 
In my swim training this past week, coupled with a crazy week at work I did not run at all.  No guilt for not doing it as I was training.  Strategically I am going to see how it worked, this week my goal is to run each day of the week and add 1k each day.  Start tonight with 4k and finish on Sunday with 10-11k.  Should make fro an interesting week as I have 4 days of ski traning to receive as well as provide.  Lets see how a rest week works out!
This week I am wiating to hear on a couple work related items that could make the next few weeks interesting.  I have been getting much busier at work and other opportunties keep coming to me to keep it exciting!  I look forward to what the week brings!
I hope that your week is awesome, full of exciting crazy new things and that you find your dreams and chase them!

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