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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The things that make me Smile!

AahhhH!  Today was much better, I had a workout and did not feel like I missed something today!  That made me go BOOM!  Yesterday was a busy work day, ran around all day getting a lot done, but felt like I didn't finish something without a workout!  Kinda pathetic considering 4 months ago, a workout was wandering to the fridge or cupboard for another snack!  I guess if I am going to have an addiction, this isn't a bad one to be hooked on!
Days like today are the days that feed my quest for the start line.  As the day moved forward today, I went through the typical justification period of going for my workout.  Talking to myself about why or why not, the whole time knowing that ultimately I was going and I wanted to.  Am I different than the rest of you??  I seem to waste time with these internal discussion when I know the answer the entire time.  So, guess what, like planned I went to the pool.  Today I started a new part to my swim workout, I decided I would start to time my swims in order to have a point to build from as I continue the chase!  Up to this point I have been going to the pool with not a whole lot of structure. A couple of workouts were done with a drill routine, but most have been about putting in some miles and building up to a point where I gained confidence in my ability to get out of the water at an IM.  I think that it is somewhat incredible what can be accomplished when you put your mind to something.  Remember, in June I could not swim 25M without the lifeguard being concerned for my well being.  I set my mind to it and now I am doing regular 2500-3000M workouts and looking forward to open water swims in the spring.  It is serving well in fueling my IM fire!
My times workout today was another confidence builder.  I finished a 2500M workout in 49 minutes.   Hey, I certainly am not going to make it to Kona with that, but, I wont be looking for the rescue boat to hold on to at 100m of my swim as I did on a sprint tri last summer.  It served as  good swim to set a benchmark and to set the pace for where I need to get to.  IN my training it is awesome that I can finish the workout fresh.  Within less than a minute after i am done my HR is already down 60-70%, and I feel like I could go and add some more mileage.  My only concern that I am addressing is an old shoulder ski injury.  I am going to do some resistance training and build the muscle which will prevent injury as well as help me in my overall swim.  I am seeing the physio guy tomorrow and will get my list of preventative  'medicine' to keep me going in the right direction.  I have to thank Total Immersion swimming for going from zero to confident over the past few months!  I will get out of the water in Wisconsin with the energy and calmness to finish the event!  This week I have a couple more water workouts and then, take a try and see if I can swim the distance.  I am actually looking forward to the swim!

Well, after a good day and a good workout, I am satisfied at my progress and I have a smile on my face! I am looking forward to my next workout and to continuing on this fun adventure!  I hope that you are all having as much fun as I am!  and if you are not, be happy that you woke up this morning, saw the sun shine and got to the breakfast table!  remember it could always be worse!  Life is Good!  Keep Living the Dream!

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  1. I love those yard frogs, I need them in my yard!!! Yay for not sinking. It is so nice when what was hard becomes easy. Such a treat.