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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Athletes Heart??

A couple of weeks ago, Johan at talked about athletes heart as he had a short 'black out'.  You can learn more about the science of this phenomenon at
So why am I taking about all of this?  As a healthy(somewhat healthy) person who considers himself an athlete I try and follow the rules.  Last week I went for a yearly physical and had all the tests done(didnt need the probe though, guys you know what I am talking about)  Last night I am sitting after my workout enjoying the progress and my doctor calls.  She says my blood work was fine, but the EKG was irregular??  What the hell!  was my first thought!  but after reading the articles noted above I am going to pass the irregularities to being healthy(and it was 8am and had not eaten) As a result I now need to go and complete a stress test.  It is kind of ironic that I should be getting a stress test as I am about as relaxed about everything as you will find!  In the interim, I am going to keep doing what I am....I've done it this long and not had a problem, hopefully there is nothing to be concerned about and I can carry on!
So, that was my 'alarming' part of my day to deal with.  The fun part relates to sitting with the lanscape design architect for the 'free' landscape design that we had won.  It was a cool meeting, a lot of creativity and outside of the box thinking.  I thought it would be a few flowers and a decorative rock, maybe a new tree!  Well, no!  They are going to regrade the front, add walkways, new trees, sittting space!!  Holy smokes, a lot more than I ever thought it would entail.  So now he went off with our ideas and his creativity to do his work.   In January the process continues with a review of the design and work towards final approval.  I am so lloking forward to seeing what i will be like. It is a real bonus.  We have worked for 3-4 years doing a full redo of our backyard to make it ours.  This is an instant WOW!  and the greatest thing is, not out of our pocket book!
Oh yeah!  this blog is about training and getting to the start line.  Today was day 3 of my 7 days in a row of running.  As planned today was 6k, adding 1 more km each day.  The run was fun as it was wintery!  I know, I must be nuts!  But, I love the cold and snowy wet as it is the eve of going to do my favorite thing!  I had a good run, a little more effort that the past 2 days.  I still managed to keep it around 5 min/k.  Thanks to for the tip on running faster.  I think that may have been part of my run being a little tougher.  I worked today to have a faster turnover with my feet.  I have a peculiar way that I breath and the higher cadence makes it a little to adjust to.  None the less, day 3 and feeling good!  I followed up my run with a good ab workout as well. gave me a good reference to an ab workout that is a good start to this get off my butt and do my core training.  It is working well as I also spend a little time doing some resistance training that I have been avoiding as well!  I cant resist a challenge to get me going and the ab challenge is working!
Well, tomorrow is an action packed day!  Up a 4:45 for a run, Yoga at 6:15 then off to the ..........wait, here this........SKI HILL!  Finally I am getting out on the hill for a few training runs!  Wahoo! I am like a little kid for my first day of skiing.  I had all my gear at the door as soon as I got home from work!  I will share the photos and the fun tomorrow!
Cheers and have a great night!  


  1. Ok, so have fun skiing!

    I hope nothing is wrong with yer ticker, but I'm betting it's because you're an athlete.

    Nice job on getting your run in.

  2. Woo, you are brave for that early morning! That landscape deal sounds very interesting, I am intrigued :P

  3. John
    Enjoy the skiing, can't wait to see some pics