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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I broke down.....finally got on the trainer tonight!

I tend to dive into the things that I enjoy doing head first and do them with success and intensity!  The things I dont, well, I avoid them for a while and then with reluctance get it done.  The trainer is one of those things that I have managed to avoid until now.  With the great weather up to a couple of weeks ago, i was able to be outside on the bike doing it the way it is meant to be!  Wasn't all that bad a training session.
After work today I went to the ART dude for continued repair to my hamstring.  I managed to build a good mess a month or so back that still has some residual refusing to disappear.  If you have had an ART treatment at any point, you will know how much fun it is and the smile that it brings to your face.  Today was no exception to the rule, WOW, it was so much fun I am sad that it was my last session.  I have been going to the same clinic for a couple of years and they are great.  Today, he offered me some 'free' sessions in order to start a bit of a preventative program to make certain I do not re aggravate my hamstring.  I was pleased that he made the offer, it will certainly keep me coming back.
Now that winter has arrived I am also in the throws of organizing training events for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance.  With teh delay in the season, it is proving to be a little more challenging than past years.  All of the events that should have happened over the past few weeks are now happening at the same time.  I need to find staff for my events, however they are all working at their own clubs trying to catch up.  I will be pleased once the next couple weeks is done and we are into a normal winter season!  Today was a great start to it with a lot of new snow in ski country and more to follow.  This weekend I also will be out teaching a course which I am looking forward to.  I love skiing and I get a lot or pleasure sharing my passion and coaching the future of the sport, teaching instructor courses is one of the best ways to do that.
With today being a lighter day, tomorrow should test me a little more.  Thursday's is the early morning day, up at 4:45 for a run and then some Yoga,  tomorrow afternoon I am going for another swim.  The good part of it all is the reward tomorrow night, we are heading out to a good friends for a holiday party where a lot of our friends will be, should be a lot of fun!(I am the DD so I wont be dancing...)
Hope you had a great day!  Cheers


  1. Good for you for riding really fast only to go nowhere! :P The trainer can be tough.
    Woo, 4:45AM. Good luck and have fun!

  2. John
    Ah the joins of indoor trainers, be strong and good luck