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Friday, December 11, 2009

Its cold, its snowing, its about time!

Sorry if I have offended all of you who have grown to dislike the longest season of the year!  It's really to bad, it is a lot of fun!  I spent my day today on the freezing cold, blowing wind and snow.  After about 20 minutes my right foot was frozen, after about 45 I had to go the washroom(XL Timmy's on the drive up) and then I got to enjoy it for the next 1 1/2 hour in the winter outdoors.  Here is what is so weird, I had a shit ass grin on my face the whole time!  Somewhere in my life I seemed to have embraced the whole winter thing, so I adapt.  Today as part of my evolution to  winter I once again went skiing.  I find myself in the cold,snowy weather wanting to put on my technical gear and wanting to go screaming down the hill on pair of skis.
 .  I will try it as many times as possible this winter to make certain that I continue to like it, I will be certain to report on my progress, the lounge at the ski club opens next weekend, so some of the stories might be entertaining!
This week was the best week of the year for me!  As soon as skiing starts I find myself in a different frame of mind.  This week has arrived.  Last season at this time I had skied 30 days, I skied in the middle of July and early August, I skied in October in Europe and in November in Ontario.  So, the past days have been great as they were my first days of the season!  I was lucky to ski for 2 days with some of Canada leading instructors and course conductors, it was one of the best learning environments I have participated in.  Over the past 5 years I have completed 15-20 courses and clinics, so it was a cool couple of days!  The bonus is, all of the tools I gained this weekend, are going to be put to work.  I am leading a course with 2 other course conductors for new CSIA Level 1 instructors 
It is a great experience to be able to share my passion for skiing and influence young athletes to get involved!  It is a great days of teaching and learning!
This week was has also been a god training session.  I set a goal to run 7 days in a row, today was day 5.  This evening was a challenge to head out. I have been skiing hard for 2 days and it was damn cold out.  I got home tonight and laid on the couch for a short rest.  I wrapped myself up in a blanket and I was out like a light.  After 45 minutes, I shook my butt of the couch and got my gear on to get out the door.  It was a good mental game trying to convince myself not to go.  A little backwards, but I have reached a point where I want to do my workouts even though some of them are ridiculous.  It was a great run even with the wind making my face numb as I ran into it.  As soon as I got home I jumped into the hot tub to thaw out, it is also a great place to stretch!
Tomorrow is hte Santa shuffle, we are heading out at 7AM to get out to the start.  Tomorrows photos should be great as this run is going to be great!
Have a great Saturday!

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