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Thursday, December 24, 2009

2.4 down, now 112 and a marathon to to!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy holidays, Joyeux Noel or wahtever other poitical correct term I need to use to wish you a safe and happy holiday time!  I hope that you have a joyous fun filled time with friends and family!  Let's all take a moment and reflect for all those things that we are lucky for and wish the same upon those who may be less fortunate!  I love Christmas as a time to be with family and enjoy the a moment reflecting on the more simple times we can enjoy!  ENJOY IT!

My christmas present to myself???  I set a goal a few weeks ago to complete an IM distance swim before Christmas.  This is a) new personal best for distance b) a miracle that I can actually swim it c) first opportunity to gain the confiednce that the swim is no big thing!  Wahoo!  I did my first IM distance swim in 1:18 with energy to burn when I was done!  I feel a great sense of accomplishment having completed this.  When I signed up for IM I could barely squeeze out 750m(I managed it by calling over a rescue boat for a break or two)  Completing the distance is a great feeling of accomplishement.  One of those, 'nothing is impossible' moments!  It put a smile on my face to head out for some holiday cheer!

I hope all of you have a smile on your face, have been just the rigth amount of nice and the right amount of naughty for Santa to visit you!  Enjoy this time of rest and reflect as a new energy for the year ahead!  Thanks to all of you internet 'friends' for the gift of entertainment and inspiration over the past few months!  I hope over the course of the next year I can offer the same! Cheers!



  1. John
    Merry Christmas to you and your Family. Enjoy this special time.
    Well done on your first IM swim. That is awsome and it's and incredible time, wow.

  2. nice job :) I can't say I've done the 2.4 miles yet myself.... Have a great holiday !

  3. Great job J. Incredible gains. 1:18 is a great time to boot.