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Monday, December 28, 2009


So, finished another day of near perfect skiing and geared up to go out for a run.  We woke up this morning to a clear sky and -2 celcius.  There was a promise of some snow over the day.  As we are out skiing that makes a perfect day.  If you are going out for a post ski day run, a little bit of a different story.
The morning was awesome conditions.  We had about 2-3" of new snow last night and colder weather which set up the snow perfectly.  It was a day of lighting fast powerful turns.  As we finished lunch the sky got a little darker and it flurries started coming in.  By 2:30 it was an all out blizzard.  It brought a big smile to my face.  The ski conditions were only going to get a lot better with snow falling like it was.  Within 1.5 hours we got about 3" of new snow and hte temperature dropped about 5-6 degrees.  It was snowing like mad.  As we are by Georgian Bay we do tend to get big water affect snow storms, this was one of them!

Like a good athlete training I sucked it up headed out the door.  I made my way to the main road and started running along!  WOW!  The snow was bowing so hard within 3 minutes I could not see out of my glasses.  As cars drove by they slowed right down and looked at me as if there might be something wrong. I chugged along as if there was no issue with the slightly inclement weather.  then, I turned the corner by the water to run along the highway by the bay!  HOLY CRAP!  pardon the language, but it was insane.  I was getting blown to the side of the road as I ran along.  I was leaning forward in order to have some leverage from the wind but it still literally stopped me in my tracks a couple of times.  I ran along pushing hard to get to my destination.  My goal was a 13-14k run(to my chalet in the next town) As I ran along I had to pull clothing up my face and sip everything I could to the top.  it was nuts!  I ran along until a little more than 2.3k and had to pull the plug.  It hurt!!!  I cant stand backing away from a challenge, especially a winter related one!  So, with my tail tucked in between my legs I ran bck to the lodge.

After all the cold running(way less than planned)n the consolation prize was quite good.  Live music at the base of the hill with a cold beer to rehydrate!  I suppose if you cant run during a blizzard, drinking a beer with friends around a fire with live music will suffice!  I guess all the training days dont go perfectly as planned!  I hope your holiday season is still treating you with warmth and friendship and you are enjoying this wonderful time of year!  Cheers!


  1. From yesterday - is that your chocolate lab?!

    No worries about a run cut short. Sounds like you have your head on straight, enjoying a cold beer with friends instead. :-) You have plenty of time to go nutso obsessive.

    You make me almost like snow.

  2. Hey, just getting out the door in bad weather is tough, good job regardless.

  3. Good job on braving it! Your experience reminds me of a magazine ad for Pearl Izumi that stated "If you ever want to see who the true runners are, take a peek outside during Mother Nature's next hissy fit."