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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

24 hours x 7 days, what am I going to do when??

With ski season fast approaching I am now finding myself having to squeeze a few extra things into my week.  So, although I am not 'training' I am at the pool 3 times, running 3-4, core/resistance 3 and need to get my butt into the saddle a couple of times.  Those things individually are part of teh routine.  Now I need to throw in 2 days of ski teaching per week, one evening of apres ski, hanging out in hot tub with friends, tuning equipment and running a ski training series for Canadian SKi INstructors Alliance!  Oh yeah, I forgot to make sure I go to work as well.    I love winter and would not trade the chaos for anything in the world!!   Come summer time when most others are running to get into traffic to go to teh cottage, I am at home relaxing doing my workouts and enjoying my friends and family!!
This week is off to a good start.  My goal is 7 days in a row of running,I was off to a good start yesterday with a great tempo run.  Running has never been my strength, and as I was 30 lbs heavier not so long ago I could not improve a bunch.  Now that I am losing lbs, I am finding it easier to speed up and progress.  Last week I purposely did not run with teh goal of doing 7 days stragiht this week.  The periodization on day 1 seems to have worked.  I ran a short 4k at a 4:40 and felt great.  Today I did 5k at at a 450/k pace and quote enjoyed it!   I followed it by a great swim, although I was a little more tired than usual.   Right now I am loving the pool.  Aftert his past weekend and the clinic I am hoping to contniuue to improve over the winter.  I wish I could find a running clinic that worked on tecnhique and speed.  I know that patience and practice will get me there, but I have been known to be impatitent at times!
on my way to my workout today I got a great phone call.  My neighborhood is part of a region wide initiative to create a more water wise environment.  They have set an initiative to create landscapes that use as little water as possible while still providing a vibrant feel and setting.  The project involved an application to the Region to describe your current space and your vision of the space for the future.  Call me metro-sexual, but I have a definite feel for what I want and how to describe it.  Well, apparently it was clear enough to be selected as one of 5 homes in our neighborhood to be completed as the pilot showcase homes for the initiative.   This is awesome!  I chalk it up to a 'what come around goes around' karma!!  Two summers ago we spent a great deal of money to have the front yard landscaped.  It was beautiful when it was all done and we were very proud of it.  Oops, as soon as our first winter passed and spring came around, it was all dead!!!  The landscape who put it in would not stand behind any of his work or, after a while not  even answer his calls.  So, I guess this is our turn to get a good one to enjoy!  We have our first consultation tomorrow with to begin the process and have a new front yard in the spring!  I love winning!!
On another good note, I get to ski Thursday this week!  Wahoo!  I am a course conductor(CC) with the Canadian Ski  Instructors Alliance, this week is CC training prior to a course I am teaching next week!  Cant wait to get out there, and to top it off it is with some of the best coaches and instructors in Canada.
Off to get some dinner and relax now.  Actually, to look outside to see if Snowmagedon is arriving!
Drive safe, have fun, and remember we do this because we choose to and we can!


  1. John
    Wow, you're going to be really busy. Don't know where you are going to get time apart from cutting your sleeping time by a few hours! haha.
    Good luck with the skiing and enjoy. can't wait to see some pictures on your blog

  2. You are certainly going to be always on the move! That is awesome. Good luck on the showcase, that is exciting :)

  3. You are an animal. I guess all those indian "snow dances" you did finally paid off. Be careful your not smiling too wide right now, you may freeze your teeth. For running, the best way to get faster is to focus at running at a 90 step cadence per minute.

    Good luck trying to cram everything in. Like I said, your an animal. One of the most, correction,THE most positive animal I know.


  4. Wish I was closer...I need a lesson. I have a blast skiing but I SUCK at it!

  5. like you enthusiasm, most others bitch about it because it involved the cold and snow!! when u r in Canada, bring your warm clothes, I will take any excuse to go skiing!

  6. Can my daughter ski with a broken foot?? LOL we have a december ski trip planned to alberta... thanks for you note on my blog. I know I am not the first to make this journey.

  7. Boo for your daughter!! I have some stupid friends who managed to get a broken foot into a boot, it's like a cast!? would not recommend it! :( with the snow that is falling there so far, I will ski for her! cheers