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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sports 101

The beginning of Trishmas season was a ball of fun! Trish, Rick, Silva and I had a blast at the Bball game! I am waiting for the train and I still don't know who won? Ho hold on, just heard, we didn't! Boo! Still a great night!
Today was a rest day and I think I rested well! Started my day staying in bed until 630AM. Pulled my sorry asz out of bed and went for a walk to Timmy's with Trish and my dog Karma to get a cup of morning addiction. It isn't often that we have breakfast together this was a great day, sit down while reading the paper and have a morning meal together. I think we have paid for 3 years of newspapers and read r months worth! Oh well! Its the cost of looking like you know what is going on!
I have been reading a few race reports from I'm Cozumel the past couple of days. First, congrats to all the participants for being there and pushing yourself to the limit. Secondly, thank you for being an inspiration for all those who have not been to the start line yet! Every blog I read, every finisher I talk to pushes me more towards the start and the day that I can hear, 'Fortin, you are an Ironman'! To all of you people that I read about every day, keep inspiring me and keep pushing yourself to the limits you accepted yourself to go to! I look forward to getting to the point that I can say I am there, I am part of your group!!!
As my rest day comes to an end, once again I will say that it has been awesome! Another day of learning, training, sleeping, having fun and learning more about the world of I'm and everything else that is so cool about it!
Cheers and have a great night!

and to finish off a truly entertaining evening, we were so caught up in chatting with friends, we missed out train stop and ended up spending $20 to get a cab back to the car! good thing they were cool people! :)

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