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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A day is good when????

Well, where to begin??  I'll make it simple, I woke up this morning and was able to get out of bed to enjoy the adventures that the day were going to hand over to me randomly.  I think that is a great way to start any day!
This morning, I chose a couple of my own adventures.  The day started early with a short run with Trish and Pauline form the yoga studio.  It was a cold morning so it involved a lot of layers to stay warm today.  When we got to the studio Pauline as waiting in her truck for us to get there.  It was kind of funny!  As soon as we got out of our car she said she had already come to the conclusion that we were not going to show up because of the cold weather.  She was actually hoping we would not as she was not ready to go out for the run at all.  She is a trooper, within a couple of minutes she was in her shoes and bundled up to go out for our run!  It was cold!  As soon as we started our skin felt like it was going to crack, the wind was blowing and it kind of ripped at your face as you ran into it.  Within about 10-15 minutes we were warmed up and the run was enjoyable, we continued through the neighborhood sheltered from the wind and enjoyed the morning.  Before long we were done a short 6k run and were back at teh studio.  It is great to get back there as it was going from -10Celcius to +35Celcius, it feels like heaven.  As soon as I get in and change, i set up my matt and lay back to relax for a couple of minutes.  It is only 6AM so relax is quite comfortable, I actually catch myself almost falling asleep.  before long the practice is under way and I am awake.  It is a great session, stretching and focusing on breathing, learning how to be in control of my body and not letting my brain tell me i cant do something.  It is a truly invigorating experience each time!   This morning was a nice finish, as we came to close Pauline opened up the curtains and the sun was rising brightly in the background.  What a great way to get the day to a start!
earlier this week I had seen a sale on at a local store that buys bankruptcies.  I dropped in and they had swim skins on sale of $90.  It was a Luois Garneau Tiger Shark.  This is an ITU legal suit to I can use it at any time in the future that I might do a non wetsuit swim.  So, I decided for that price I should get it.   I had a swim planned for later in the day, so I thought I would check it out and see if it made a difference.  There is a claim that it has a low drag coefficient that will mean  I should go faster.  Off to the pool for the experiment.  Much to my surprise it works really well!  It actually fits well, similar to wearing a compression shirt.  Off the wall on  a push it provides at least another 2 fast meters of distance.  Over the swim it proved itself to be quite a remarkable piece of gear as far a making it a little quicker to cover distance.  Happy I made the investment, I will use it next week for my IM swim distance day!    I had a great 2100 meter swim which was almost entirely drills.  Only one afternoon of drills and I find it begins to make a difference in how I move in the water.  I am going to make a point of sending some time doing them in at least 50% of my practices.  I know the long term benefit will be huge!  My day finished with some time in the gym at Sports Performance centers working on some exercises to prevent any future hamstring problems.  The exercises are certainly not easy, however they will benefit me a ton in the long run as I   build overall strength and proper form!
So, back to my opening statement, a day is good when I do all the things I did today!  I hope you found yours as productive and beneficial as I did!  If you did not, when you wake up tomorrow morning take a different outlook on your day. Smile because you woke up, giggle because you made it to the washroom on your own 2 legs, and continue to carry on with the confidence and knowledge that this is going to be a great day in our quest to fulfill your dreams!
Cheers and happy Friday!

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  1. It sounds like you had a very positive (and cold) and happy day! Nice steal on the suit :)