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Thursday, December 10, 2009

AAhhh! I'm better now!

What a great day!
4:50AM - out of bed(moaning about it because that is early)
5:00AM - out the door for a 7k run with people from (will make this part of routine, Pauline is going to invite others to join us)
6:15'ish - Power Yoga Class(great way to start the day)
7:15 - in the car to drive up to ski hill!!!  traffic was crap, roads were terrible, but, I was going skiing so who cares!
9:15 - boots on, jacket done up, wind blowing; holy smokes, finally getting to go skiing for first time this season!

The day was great, from the early start to the enjoyable nasty weather and all the small stuff that took place during the day!  It is great o get together with the 'winter' friends and work on getting the kinks out of skiing.  Can you imagine, 35 geeks obsessing all day over the planes of balance  and bio mechanics of skiing.  Skiing 6 hours trying to refine the placement of your inside ski in Phase 2 of the turn before moving your center of mass to the inside in Phase 3 to build pressure in the ski........ALL DAY!  It was awesome!   Doesnt the weather look awesome, the photo was one of the brighter moments of the day!
The snow factor was a little less than perfect, with only 2 runs open.  But, with the terrain available the resort did a great job hosting us.  We spent the day working on the training aspects to be considered when we are leading a new instructor certification course.  It is great o be completing the training now as I have a course that I am leading next weekend. The material should all be fresh!
On the tri front, today was day 4 of my personal running challenge.  This morning the run was slower as I was with the people from the Yoga studio and enjoying the freezing cold wind.  Although I hate the getting out of bed part of the day, once I am up and at it, I love the physical and mental feeling of being active before most people have had to get up for a morning pee! Dont get me wrong, if I wasnt training I would not be up!  Trish and I both got up and went for the run this morning.  Our dog was totally messed up.  As we jumped out of bed and made our way out, she was looking at us like we were nuts.  It amazes me how an animal has a routine.  We were going totally against it this morning and she was some confused.  Like any smart do would, she solved it....curled up on her mat and went right back to sleep.
Today, Hugh my training partner did a great favour. This weekend we would usually be skiing at our home club.  Lack of snow has delayed it for another week, which means we dont need to be up norht first thing Saturday morning.  So, Hugh managed to get us registered for the Santa shuffle in Burlington. It should be a cool site.  2000 people doing a run. all dressed in Santa suits.  If that doesnt get everyone in teh Christmas spirit I don't know what will!
Tomorrow is another drive in weather to go back out for some more training.  But, being on the ski hill is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  SO, on that note, I am going to wrap it up and get ready to close my eyes.  The faster I do that, the faster I will be find the rainbow and get back to the snowy hills!  Cheers


  1. I just got back from a run in the COLD wind! Top quality resistance training right there :P
    Have fun in the Santa Shuffle and let us know how it goes!

  2. John
    Glad you finally got your ski season started. Can just imagine how happy you were and having fun. Enjoy the Santa run

  3. Very Great Posting!! Keep it up!

  4. Yep, my dog knows exactly what is going on when, when he can go back to bed, when it's time to eat, or when he hears the peanut butter jar open!

    That's a shitload of snow!!!

  5. I wish all the very best for your race. I think you love skiing most. Even I too but, never participated in the race.