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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back from the busy winter world!

WOW!  I feel like I have missed something not being able to spend some time at the end of the lost few days reading what people have been doing in the Blog tri world! and not spending a little time sharing my stories!  BUT, a cost that had to be paid to hasve the pleasure of ebing on snow for the past 4 days running a ski instructor certification course.  It was a blast!  First, being on snow is what i enjoy most, os you can imgine the pleasure I had.  Secondly, sharing my passion for the snow with potential new instructors makes the time even more fulfilling.  It was a great 4 days with a new group if instructors ready to tackle the winter teaching mew skiers and showing them how winter can be a time to look forward to! 
Being out of commission for 4 days was a great change of pace.  Over that time, I only did resistance training and did not run, ride or swim.  I am looking forward to getting into the pool later today to see what the effects of rest are.  Hopefull it will not have set me back in my training.  My swim goal today is to complete the IM distance.  SO I am eating and drinking well before I head out in hte next 2-3 hours!   Although I did not do any specific training, I skied like a mad man!  Each day we were on snow at least 6 hours, some days a little more.  The time on snow was at times lightning fast and the adrnaline rush that I love to find on snow.  It did serve well in getting my heart rate up and my muscles firing.  I actually had to do a monster stretch session on Monday to loosen up my calves.  I spent 10 minutes in hottun then strectched for 10-15 so I did not feel like I was going to snep a muscle.  After 4 days on snow I think I have fuigured out what I want to so when I grow up.  I think a cool life would be teaching performance ski clinics in the winter(chase the season by travelling teh world) and run, ride swim all summer!  What do you think??  Not a bad life!
Well, I still have not got to that point, so for now I ma going to go and catch up at work and enjoy some time amongst the frustrated late Christmas shoppers!
have a great day!


  1. John
    It sounds awesome. You have such a privelage to ski and then to be an instructor also.
    Glad you are back and the ski course was without any serious injuries( I Guess, or you would have said something)

    Good luck with the shopping. Even in South Africa it is a mad house. Some stores with all these aggressive customers in them are worst than a swim start of an IM.


  2. JEALOUS!! I grew up in UT, and skied Alta as my home resort... I still get back once a year, but Seattle has crummy skiing (compared to champagne powder, anyway!).

    Have a great holiday!

  3. That would be a great life. Count me in too! Sounds most perfect. I'm sending hubs out to the store this that bad!?