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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

beers and wings....and swimming!

What a great day!  what did I do?  well, the title should pretty much say it all!  if you want an idea of how much fun I had, watch the video on the previous post!
After a great rest day yesterday I was feeling like it was time for a good workout.  I find myself wanting to do  workouts rather than struggling to get out to do them.  After any rest day I look forward to getting at it.  Today, I had put off a swim as I forgot that I had a meeting that I forgot about, and it was  at my usual pool time.  I was kinda bummed about it, but, hey life goes on so I changed it up for a run after my meeting instead.  Guess what, I was meant to swim today. As much as I wanted to get this meeting done, it was rescheduled until Friday.  Get the flippers out, off to the pool I go!!  Me being enthusiastic about swimming is a bit o a stretch for me to grasp.  Four months ago, I dreaded going for a swim, the pool, the lake what ever it was, if it involved swimming I had a list of excuses longer than my arm.  Now, after some studying, a lot of practice and an open mind, it is my favored workout to go to.  Maybe it is because I am french and the water is starting to bring out my frog qualities!  Todays workout was another PB for me.  each time I go out I work to push the limit a little further.  Today was a 2750m swim, that is the furthest distance to date.  The greatest thing is that I find the swim an easy one to complete.  So, I decide this week I would finish y week with 10km of swimming complete.  Also, as a blog friend calls it, my BHAG(big harry audacious goal) is to complete an IM distance swim before Christmas!  I love this IM stuff, pushing yourself every day to get to a new limit!  I am looking forward to coming out of the pool able to swim 3875m more in a practice than I was able to in June of this summer!
After a great swim today came the reward.  Once a month we have a 'group' night to go out and share some time together.  About a year ago we discovered that all we ever did was talk about getting together.  It never happened!  So, after a great night at a local pub that has the best wings north of the 49th, we decided that it would be a monthly affair.  Tonight was the December night!  Before the night is done we plan the night for the next month so that no one has any excuses!  As always the night was great.  Getting together with friends and sharing stories of our adventures from the last month.  It is amazing at that can happen in a short time.  New jobs, new adventures, new is truly entertaining!  I look forward to our night every month. Tonight was a different night as well.  Since June, when my bet to lose weight started, I had not ordered my own wings.  that is torture because the wings at this place are amazing.  Tonight, I was back in for some wings.  I figured with a good swim tonight and a run and yoga tomorrow, hell, I could indulge!  and I did and liked it! dont
As I finish my day the last goal is my quest to get off my butt and start my resistance training.  Luckily I am not the only one who is challenged to meet some of the parts that I enjoy.  So, with the help of some others out there we are going to push each other along.  If you want to jump in and be part of the pushers or be pushed, jump in, the more the merrier.  As I have progressed with the rest of my workouts, I know that this little push will help produce great results.  SO, here goes the next part of the adventure!
Until then, have a great night, Hope your dreams are dreamie and you wake up believing that they are there for you to achieve!


  1. You gotta indulge sometimes or you'll freak out! Sounds like you earned it to me.

  2. definitely have to reward yourself! And I must say you picked the best option :) Training is always a rough balance if you have a job and real life. I don't know how some of these crazies do it!