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Friday, December 4, 2009

Ho...Ho...Holy Smokes the Holiday season is Here!

I love the holidays and all of the fun times that come along with it!  Spending time with family, friends, all the bright lights and excitement.  What drives me bonkers.....everybody on earth is out and seemingly pissed off because I am standing in front of them.  I went out with Trish for dinner tonight and it was a gong show.  The drive downtown(which I do about 3 times a year) was bumper to bumper.  Once I got down there parking was a full time job, and then the restaurant was nuts.  Lucky for me I enjoy the company of my mother in law and sister-in-law so I got over it.  I have to say I would rather experience the pain of the hitting the wall than endure impatient people during the holidays!  Oh well, I guess I should suck it up as the fun has just started.  I think I will extend on open invitation for the month of December for all our friends to drop by our house so I dont need to experience the traffic and impatience!
Today was my second rest day this week.  I am taking advantage of not being on a 'program' at the moment and taking days when I feel like it.  So far I have been quite diligent with several workouts a week and meeting goals that I have set.  I also am recognizing that I have a long road ahead and not to burn myself out before I set out on it.  One good thing about my day relating to training was my ECG that I had done this morning as part of a yearly physical.  It was very cool when the nurse decided she should double check my heart rate because she thought that 44 was an error.  I feel good that I have done the work to get down to a resting heart rate that as a medical professional questions because it is low.  It motivates me to keep working in order to meet some of the other physiological benchmarks that indicate good conditioning!
Today is a short blog day as I am up early to a great tri clinic tomorrow.  I am sure that I will have all sorts of great stories from my experience with some world class coaches and a lot of triathletes to inspire me to push like mad going forward!
I love this sport and all the fun things about it!  Cheers


  1. John
    Good luck with clinic tomorrow and enjoy

  2. Yeah, people go nuts this time of year. I just try to avoid any and all situations that require lines.

    Can't wait to hear about your clinic.

  3. Dying to hear how your clinic was - it is amazing what some great little pro tips can do for a person who wants to take it up a notch!!

  4. Have fun at that clinic - looking forward to hearing all about it!