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Monday, April 26, 2010

Training and reflection day!

Another new week!  Week 6 of my training and Recovery week.  I am still loving this stuff!  Looking forward to each workout, looking ahead to see what is coming up and wanting to be on my game to continue improving.  Another 18 weeks to go, I am hoping the momentum is generally forward, I know I will hit a couple of bumps and wonder why the heck I am doing this, but a little mental stroll down mental alley to the past 6 weeks should move me forward.
I spent a little time last night and this morning looking back at my past few weeks, winter and few years of training.  It brought a great smile to my face.  I have not set any world records, but I did get it done.  Over the past while I have made some choices, and once I did not not let anything deter me from reaching the victory of accomplishment. It is very satisfying to be in that place, having helped myself from 'at guy' to somewhat fit guy.  Helped some others along the way accomplish physical goals, helped out by contributing to the community and charitable causes.  I guess I must be hormonal or something, spending time thinking about all this kind of stuff!  Whatever has prompted me to think it, I am happy with where I am, it is a good place right now!
As well, I am happy at this point with where I am physically.  I have done a some things the past few weeks and months that I was once convinced I could not.  Best thing is, in many cases they seemed easy to do.  The changes I have made in eating and training seem to be having an affect, so, I think I will continue to throw coal into the engine and see where it brings me.  I am enjoying the structure of the workouts, the increasing intensity and the way far away goal that it is for.  Best thing is, without even having experienced the victory of the attempt to the start line, I am looking forward to doing it again.  I want to be out there and see what I can do.  One of my goals is to also bring along a few others for the adventure.  This stuff is way to much fun to enjoy all alone!  Wether it is a friend participating or someone laughing at me for putting myself through it, everyone needs ot check out this game!
Today was a good training day in the tri game.  A 3500m swim with a ton of kicking.  I can feel myself improving on the kick front, actually choosing to do kick drills where I have choice.  I am going to line up the coaching session before to long and bring some new stuff into my practice.
Well, starting week 6 which is a recovery week, then onto the fun stuff.  Aerobic training starts with another little kick in the right direction.  In my next phase I have a couple of races to keep it interesting.  All the races I do are training events.  I may see what I can do on a sprint to see what this training has given me since the bad swim tri's of the past!
Off to have some dinner and enjoy a drink with some friends!  Have a fantastic night!  Cheers!

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  1. You are progressing along quite nicely there John! Keep it going. On my training runs, I visualize running across the finishline of my ironman and how awesome it will be. It gives me goosebumps! Have a wonderful week of training.