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Friday, April 16, 2010

Another awesome Friday!

Today was a light day on the training front.  But, nonetheless totally productive towards my goals and ambitions!
All that was on the schedule today was some time in the gym.  I have been following teh resistance training plan which to date has been light.  Today it started to get turned up a notch.  It feels good to get a good hurt on in the gym!  Also up to this point I have been wimping out and using  weight 'machines' for some of my  exercises.  No, not today.  I was at a different gym today so, I had to use what was there.  So, my usual leg press instead of real squats, GONE!  My usual seated bench press, GONE!  What the day did do for me is make me decide that the machines are now a thing of the past.  I felt so much more work and so much more opportunity for strength doing the 'real' thing.  Hence, moving forward the real thing it is.
Outside of training today, I scheduled my monthly massage.  As well as making sure you are building, allowing the muscles to get some new life and untangled in important as well.  I was in the visit Laura who is aslo a triathlete.  In the past we have talked a bit about tri's and she was quite modest in what she has done.  She suggested she did a couple last year and a few in the past but was injured recently.  Well, today I found out she is an awesome triathlete with some injuries.  She was to teh worlds in Vancouver in 2008 and is on her way back.  As we talked and I asked questions I learned that she was once a competitive swimmer and is working on getting her swim back.  She is currently working towards getting to a consistent 115 x 100m as well as a sub 20 min 5k.  Her sprint goal is to be under 1:10.  Hmmm!  She is quite the athlete and the swimmer.  Guess what I have been looking for in the past while.  A good swim coach and someone to provide assesment and development for me! GOT IT!
And check this out!  She comes by it naturally.  Her dad has is an NCCP level 4 running coach having brought many athletes to world level events in many different run disciplines!  I am pumped!  I have also looked for a running coach, not a clinic, heck I can lead those!  Someone who can make me hurt for the right reasons and make some significant differences in my running.  So, I will be contacting him shortly to discuss my current Ironman goal as well as post Ironman ideas that I am looking to get to.
Overall it was an awesome day!  Some good gym time, a little treat for my muscles for the work they have given me.  And, some awesome resources to keep this momentum moving in a forward and strong direction!  WAHOO!
Tomorrow AM I am off to my run clinic to have some fun with the group.  The progress has been awesome and I look forward to the run.  As soon as my shoes are off, it is off to Boston!  No, I am not running it(YET). I am going down to cheer on some great friends who I train with and to support them in their race.  I was down there last year and I am going back to remind me how cool a race it is and that I need to get a qualifying spot soon!  So, I hope you have friends that are heading there as well and that they have an awesome race!  I promise to cheer them on for you!  HAve a great weekend!


  1. Good day! Nice choice on the weights way to get the Hurt on - lol
    Have a great weekend

  2. great news! I must say your hurtbox may be huge!