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Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's get it started!

This week is the start of Week 4 of my program.  A few of the days this week are 'testing' days to see where I am at as a start point.  I have done some of these tests earlier via my lactate threshold test, but the bike workout will be one that I look forward to.  I have not collected a good baseline for biking as yet, so as biking is what got me into this IM adventure, I look forward to the baseline test and subsequent tests as the summer unfolds and my training builds up!  As I may have said a couple times in the past, WAHOO!  bring it on, I really want to improve so having a baseline point is great as I can see how much has changed and what I may need to adjust to keep going in the right direction.  I know that my cycling has changed a lot from last season, but I know there is a ton more in these legs to move me forward!  So this week should be fun!
Today was a good drill day in the pool! Yep, it was one of those dreadful kick days, more than 50% of 3000m.  It started with 300m kick and other 300 m repeats.  Then all the rest involved kicking in one form or another!  It hurts like hell, but I find that after 3 weeks of focused kick drills that my legs are starting to work a bit!  So, as much as it makes me anxious knowing I have them coming up, it does the truck for me! I discovered that of it hurts and if I try and figure out how I could avoid it, DO IT!  those are the ones that are giving me the greatest gains!  Never mind the sissy stuff that everyone does all the time, give me the hard drills and lots of them!  I will say that the practices with kick in them   do take a lot longer to complete.  But I am not going to get to the start or the finish without putting in my time!  
Today I took a minute to review one of the great products that I use .  Over the winter, both skiing and training my skin takes a beating if I dont take care of it.  In hte summer the wind, the water and the sun makes me dry up like mad!  BUT, I found DERMATONE a while back, it is awesome.  I wrote a testimonial a while back, and tonight I found it on the website.  It is great to be there with many other athletes and outdoor enthusiasts when it is for using such a good product.  The photo on the link is a ski trip in South America I was on a couple of summers ago, the sun there was wickedly damaging without something to protect.  The skiing was also over the moon awesome!  If you need good stuff while you are outside running, riding, swimming, try it out!   DERMATONE IS SOUTH AMERICA
Well, tomorrow is a nice day and I have a bike test to pedal out, so, I hope you all had an awesome day and tomorrow is all the better!  


  1. 300 m kick. To start. That would finish me right there. Anything more than 100 m of kick and I start cramping up.

  2. have to love those drill days... they're the ones that make you a better swimmer (and the overdistance)

  3. Dermatone is the shiz niz. I love that stuff on windy days, it rocks. I'm a kicker...I love it.