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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yep, that is a good way to describe my day!  A lot of satisfaction!
I got a ton of work done to start the day which allowed me to get out to my Lululemon design session this afternoon without any guilt that I was leaving stuff behind.  That was the start of a good thing today.
The session started off with 2 staff from the design center in Vancouver visiting our local Baptiste Power Yoga studio and introducing the history of Lululemon.  Cool story, it started off as a design center/yoga studio/retail store in a small spot in Vancouver.  They would design clothes that they would then test for performance and feel at the Yoga studio.  Once they arrived at something that felt like it was right and performed, they would put it in the store.  The concept flourished and they became the rage in the market place.  The store still follows the same concept for the design of all the clothes they put out in the market.  They speak to the customer and ambassadors at the store to determine what people are wearing, why and what are the most functional elements to the clothes.  They then incorporate it into the clothing that they introduce in the store.  Today a big part of out focus was on running clothing.  We were asked to bring in our favourite piece of non Lululemon performance gear and talk about why we liked it.  We spent over an hour talking about various pieces and how they would function.  It is cool that a brand that is gaining global recognition is still taking care of what the customer wants in the clothing that they sell.  I am happy to be assocaited with the store as it represents an honest and true service company who cares about its customers(yeah, the shareholders are also getting rich in the process)  The session was a ton of fun and I was happy to be a part of it!
My afternoon continued with a great session at the pool.  As the training continues the practices are getting longer and the sessions more productive each time.  Today it was a 3600m session, without any programmes kikcing. Most of it was lenghts with growing distance as it progressed.  It was the kind of practice that let me build  a rhythm, just as I did it would knock me down and throw a different part and swim.  It was an awesome overall swim, I finished it in 1:20 including all the 10-30 second breaks I was allowed, so overall for a drill session it was great time.  I did see Training Payne at the pool today.  He is swimming awesome, he is amazingly smooth in the water, looking as though he is gliding through.  Once again he is serving as an inspiration in my practice,being able to flow that way would make A) my time much quicker B) likely a whole lot less tired!   Way to go Bryan!  I can see a god result coming in IMSG.
The last part of my day was taking part in a charity Yoga session hosted by Lululemon and power Yoga Canada.  It is a project called Yoga for Africa.  The purpose of the charity is to raise funds and introduce a medium for less fortunate people to be able to navigate through a life that is very difficult.  I will leave at that and simple, we live a life of absolute privilege in comparison to the people who benefit from this effort.  It was a super cool session to be able to help out with and to be a participant.  It was done in the courtyard of a major mall.  there were more then 80 people doing the session with 100's of people watching and listening to the practice from all of the levels about the courtyard.  It was a tremendous success in raising both awareness and funds for this awesome cause.  It was a great thing to be a part of, a great benefit is also the people that I met that may join us in future run clubs that are building up.
So, yes, SATISFACTION is how I describe my day, I built my sport with a god practice, I helped out in a business endeavour that I think is the way that customer service should be.  And I was able to help with and participate in a charitable cause that is of great value!  What a day!


  1. Very cool about Lulu - never knew!! enjoy your satisfaction!!

  2. that looks such a cool day, why isn't always that smooth?.

  3. Thanks J. You made my day. I've asked Alice to help tighten the chin strap on my safety helmet because your words have me bouncing off the walls. haha.

    Like I said at the pool, your gains in swimming is amazing. It looks like you've been swimming for years, and your fast. I can't believe you only started a year ago.

    I like how you think I'll have a GOD result in IMSG. I'm going to take it, sounds much better than good. haha.


  4. I learn more cool stuff when I read your blog! Thanks...

  5. Do Lululemon have a website?

    It must be good to be in at the design stage of a new running range. Hopefully they listened to you all, and will produce some great clothes!

    In 1:20! Nice one :)

    Just don't use Bryans secret weapon (fish and chips), it adds too much to the waistline ;)