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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A fantastic weekend!

This weekend is one that I have marked down in the mental book as one to remember, now I have to capture it here as I can't usually remember what I had for breakfast!  It was AWESOME!
The fun started bright and early on Saturday morning with my Running clinic out for our weekly Saturday run.  The entire group was there although a couple still reeling from Friday evening wine. It was great to see that they are committed to getting to the goal that we set together as we get close to the race date of May 15.  The group is falling together well and many of them are asking if a summer session will be held.  Many of them want to grow the goals they are currently working on and go to the next level.  It will be a very fun summer working with them and a new group of athletes as well!
After a great Saturday morning run, it was off to help make a difference.  As some of you may have seen, there is a banner for the Ride to Conquer Cancer on the top of my page.  This is a double century ride that I am doing in June to help raise many for one the worlds leading cancer research centers.  It is a ride I am very passionate about, knowing to many people who have died of cancer or are currently in treatment.  I ask you to help by clicking on the link and making a small contribution to my efforts.  Remember the statistics, 1 out of 4 will get cancer, that could be you, me, our kids or best friends!  Make what difference you can!
On Saturday, in effort to raise awareness and my fund raising efforts, I rode my trainer for 7 1/2 hours.  I was lucky enough to be in the LULULEMON store front and able to ride from 10AM until 2pm, went out for a 20 minute transition run, got back on my bike to eat lunch and continued to 5:40PM when I went for another run.  People could not believe what I was doing, sitting on a bike all day.  When I told them why, they quickly understood what it was all about and the importance of it.  It was a tremendously satisfying thing to do! Hundreds of people came up to me and shared stories and thanked me for doing it.  For me it is a pleasure and a way that I am hopefully making a difference.  A big bonus to the day??  I got the longest time in the saddle that I have ever recorded on a single day and 3 great runs to go along with it.  I felt great off the bike onto the street, better than I thought I would after a 'long' ride at this time in the season.   I did sleep like a rock, I dont think my whole body had hit the bed before I was asleep.  Sunday AM was an impending mystery to me.  I felt good Saturday, did that mean Sunday would be nasty??
Sunday AM I volunteered for a community 10k race with the LULULEMON store.  A simple task, give out finishers medals!  I woke up early to get to the 7:30 set up time.  When I awoke, without thinking I popped out of bed and went about my morning.  It wasn't for a couple of minutes that I relaized that I did that totally pain free.  I had a little residual, but not 7:30 hours worth.  I was very pleased at how I felt and how I managed food and hydration the previous day.  It is very early, but a sign that I might be on the right track.
I headed out to the event start.  It was a blast.  It is fun to watch people coming in, the hundreds of expressions!  Joy, anger, frustration, elation, pain.....  You name it I saw it.  The only downfall, it was pouring rain.  I met all sorts of great people, first timers, elite athletes, walkers, friends....  It is quite different being on the that side of the line.  I aslo saw Bryan from .  He was out to do a lost tune up race before he heads out to IMSG this week!  He looked good, spirits were high and had a good run!  I think IMSG will be a great race for him!  GOOD LUCK BRYAN!
Overall, the rain did not put any damper on the day, seeing people cross a finish line is awesome satisfaction!
After my race post, it was time for me to head out and support some runners.  A couple of people in my group that have set 1/2 marathon as an upcoming goal are having a tough time with the long runs.  So, earlier this week, I suggested I would organize the long run and do it with them.  It was great!  Ran the whole thing with the clouds spitting on us, but got it done!  They were happy to put in the miles, I was happy to put in the miles!  It was a fitting way to end a weekend of training, helping and having fun!
I am tired now, so, GOOD NIGHT!

I hope your weekend was as fulfilling as mine was!

Happy MOnday!


  1. Thanks John. BTW, I think your in good enough shape to do IMWI right now. haha.

  2. John-
    Incredible trainer ride! I didnt realize it was in Lululemon store were like a circus show! Fantastic training you have going on wow.