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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A good hump day!

As I pile on workouts this week, I  must say that I am looking forward to rest day this Saturday.  But, until then the progress keeps moving forward and I am digging the feeling!
Today was an improvised swim workout.  I have been putting all my workouts in my crackberry so that I have them at a moments notice.  Today, no it was not.  I came home to pick up my gear and got half way to the pool before I realized I forget the book with my practice in it.  So, I decided to pick one of the previous practices that I had done.  Th first one I picked out was a short one at 1500m, I decided that it wanst going to cut it.  A few months back, that would have been a crazy distance for me, today it was going to meet the bill any longer.  SO I ended up choosing a 3100m practice as it seems more appropriate for this point in the season.  It was primarily 100 and 200m repeats with little rest in between.  The swim today was great as I seemed to get better as time went on.  I was watching my repeats and by the end I had take 5-10 seconds off my 100m.  I was happy with that as I should have been tiring out rather than speeding up.  Overall the practice was quite fun and satisfying!  Feeling continued progress on the swim and looking forward to continuing to push the water!
Following the swim was my ROGA clinic(running/yoga).  Tonight speed work was on the schedule.  It was a blast to see the look on the face of the runners when I told them what we are doing.  As I have mentioned these are all new runners who have not followed any structure in teh past.  SO hills was a great treat for them for the past while, they looked even more excited for the speed work to be done tonight.  These workouts for me are all bonus workouts as I have my speed work tomorrow afternoon. So, we headed out to the track via a 2.5k warm up run.. The workout was a small intro to speed work with a 4 x 200m session.  I must say it has been a while since I did real speed work, the kind that makes you feel like being sick when you are done the sprint.  WOW!  it was great!  I found that I was able to maintain form throughout and not lose speed at the end.  As my legs got heavier I was able to suck it up and get to the end with a smile on my face and my legs yelling at me!   Overall the runners were ecstatic with the run and I was proud of how well they did!  Another great workout for me as well as awesome progress towards the start line for the runners training with me!
I hope your day was full of fun and that you did something wonderful for yourself and for someone else!  Cheers!


  1. how funny! We did the exact same distance in the swim today. I love that the swim actually feels good now. it puts me in a good zone. your training sounds like it is coming along nicely. have a good rest day on Saturday.

  2. Nice progress and great momentum! Terrific are on a ROLL

  3. Isn't that always the way, forget the workout that was scheduled, improvise and have an awesome result like that!

    I can imagine the look on the faces of your ROGAs, some happy, some disbelief, and a good helping of lets do it.

  4. You did absolutely fantastic on your swim and then to follow it up with your running group is doubly awesome.

  5. glad your workouts seem to keep rocking! keep it up :)

  6. Have to love the improvised swim workouts.. they always turn up a good morale bossting... and man... I hope you give those legs some rest too!, njoy!