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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got it done!

What a busy day!  With work I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Somehow I managed to get to all the places I needed to be without crashing!  And, all the visits were productive.  Enough of the bring stuff!  I luckily enjoy my work, but it certainly is not the first passion of any of my days!
Now to the thing that I am passionate about, you know, that swim, bike, run thing.  Well, I went through a little exercise relating to that this afternoon.  As I drove around like a mad man, I knew I had a crazy bike workout ahead.  I was wondering if I had the time to get everything done, get on the trainer, get a T run in, do my drills and still be on time for my run club.  So, as the afternoon wore on and I sat in traffic I started to figure out I could skip one ride and catch up tomorrow.  As the thought came into my head, I used my ninja skills and let it slide right by. Oh, but, it came right back!  Damn it!  Well, after a lot more rushing, I decided that there was no way the little guy on my shoulder was going to get anything close to the satisfaction of me missing a workout.  So, when I finally got to it, I had to put 70 minutes into 45.  So, I got on the bike and started rolling.  A little slope and a little more power output, then a good sprint.  A little more slope a fast spin and some one leg drills.  I worked at doing the whole thing without letting my HR get out of hand.  What a workout!  I was sweating like I had been on the bike for 70 minutes and the satisfaction of having it done was amazing.
Right off the bike into my shoes and out the door. MY T-run was a little shorter than usual, but I turned it up a notch to see how it felt to get off the bike and light it up!  It was great, I felt strong and the transition was very good. I finished off the run with some ABC's!  OUch, those things are tough!  I think my HR was higher doing that than any other part of my workout!
Tonight LULULEMON was a  good change of pace!  Rather than the slower run that I have done for a couple of weeks.  Tonight I had a few faster runners, so we went out a little quick than we usually would.  It felt great!  A short run, but none the less a great one to get the legs moving and the group working out of the comfort zone.  Lululemon is a great training group and it gives me a lot to help out in my own development.  I am planning a couple of cool events with them this summer to make sure that we are always challenging ourselves.  Stay tuned for the fun and exciting details!
Well, off to bed as I have a couple of crazy days ahead!  I am cramming a bit this week, fitting in extra workouts as I am out for the weekend, so I dont want to miss any workouts due to travel!  Rest time before another awesome day of living the dream!
Cheers to you all!


  1. improvising the workout on the fly and not listening to that naysayer on your shoulder is priceless. good decision!

  2. Nice work J. Your a man on FIRE, I love it. LIVING THE DREAM

  3. good stuff on puttin all the workouts through. I hope is not as mentally stressing to be ignoring the little guy again and again,

  4. Great work.I very rarely listen to the little devil on my shoulder. Here's to you for flicking the little bugger off your shoulder :)