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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday! Yes it was!

If you enjoyed a holiday like I did today, hope it was excellent!  If you did work, mine was excellent for you.
Friday is a rest day so I was looking forward to chllin out and gettting some little rest.  But, the weather was looking awesome so my mind started to look at teh possibilities.
Easter weekend for me and my better half is a family time.  My mother in law treats it like the feast of feasts, she cokks for weeks ahaed to feed everyone.  SO this morning we were up early to get organized to head up north for our weekend.  Before heading out I had to do a little seasonsal adjustement for gear.  I spent the early morning toaking off my ski box from the roof of the truck and putting all my ski gear away.  It is pathetic, between Trish and I we have 6 pairs of skis!  If yu ever want to get out skiiing for a weekend, call us before you rent, we can likely help you out!  Once the winter gear was packed, out with the bike racks!  Wahoo!  the day was awesome, bright sun and warm.  It was a perfect morning to be out and getting bike gear ready to go.  Before my coffee was done, the roof racks were on and the truck was loaded with my bike gear.  Mom in law lives up on Gerogian Bay which is a great spot to ride.  THe traffic is relatively light, the scenery is awesone and it is hilly as hell!  As WIsconsin is my race, it is a great place to do rides.  Before long we were in the truck amd doing our ride up north.  For those of you who have not been, most people describe it as `god`s country` It is beautiful!
When we got up there the weather was even better than in the city.  I unpacked the truck and healped mom in law out with a couple of household chores.  When I stepped outside again, it was like a true summer day!  So, the rest day thingy kind of fell off the rails!  Even though I have a ride tomorrow, a short slow ride today would not kill me!  I got my gear together and headed out.  It was awesome!  THe wind was blowing like stink, but, wind is one of those things(usually I curse like a truck driver) today I rode with a smile on my face and ate it up.  It did seem whatever direction I was going the wind was in my face though!..  THe hills were plenty, it was the kind of ride that was never flat, always some up or down.  Most of the hills were long and moderate, but not all easy.  In between was the odd one that was steep and kicked you in the butt!  Fun stuff!  It is April 2 and it is 27 Celcius, what a day!  After a while I figured out I was lost, so I kind of rode in circles through country roads, not asking for directions like any typical male.  Then, I had to break down and ask, glad I did!  I was going entirely in the worng directoin.  So back I went up and down along the road I had travelled.  Overall it was an awesome ride.  Slightly under 30khr, 45k with average heart rate of 138!  Good day overall! NOt the rest day it was supposed to be, but one of those you could not pass up!
I hope that you have an awesome Easter weekend!  CHeers

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