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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's time to ride!

Today was  a little more relaxing on the training front.  With it being a rest week, I have moved a couple of workouts around so today was a little more relaxing than usual. I shifter my weight workout until tomorrow afternoon in order to give myself some time at the office to get some work out of the way.
My workout today was actually quite relaxed. The LULULEMON run club 5k run was the extent of it!  WOW it has been a few days since I did such a light workout, and likely quite a few since I will see another one.  But, it was great.  Another night with some new runners out and we did a great run for them at an better pace than they have done to date.  The runners are all enjoying it as they are seeing progress that they did not anticipate.  For me it was a great night turning my legs over beating out a little lactic from the past couple of days.  They are not sore, but I can feel some junk that needs to be moved out.  So after a short run and a relaxing day, I am getting my tri bike of the trainer for my first decent tri ride tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it as the weather looks to be good and it is a good opportunity to see what the base training period has given me.
This weekend marks the end of the base part of my training, from here on it gets a little more intense.  When I review the training I look at it on a daily and weekly basis.  If I look beyond that time frame it becomes daunting, in small pieces i only looks like a lot of fun over the next few days.
As this journey continues all I can say is 'BRING IT ON!'  I am looking forward to the ride!
Happy training!  Make sure it hurts once in a while!


  1. Have an excellent ride tomorrow...finally getting the bike off the trainer will be a nice change for sure!

  2. Nice Base you've got! Bring It!

  3. I just put my bike back on the trainer this morning It is like 90 degrees, humid and rainy ... just can't have that!

    Glad to here the newbie runners group is still going strong. That is a good thing you are doing John!

  4. Base is over, now time for the fun! ;)