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Friday, April 9, 2010

Two for 1!

Yep, did not get to my post yesterday, so I thought I would get both today!  It has been a good couple of days as they generally are!
Yesterday from a training perspective, it was a 'restier' kind of day.  What the heck is 'restier', just like it sounds, not busier, but less busy, 'restier', you get it!
As it is a recovery week, the only thing on my schedule was a fartlek run.  But it was Thursday, so I also had to do my morning Yoga practice.  On Wednesday night, I did a 2 hour yoga practice that was a bit exhausting.   I have attached some photos of the group of near 100 people doing Yoga.  It was a very cool session which we did in the center court of a huge regional mall.  The looks that we got from the shoppers were quite interesting.  Yes, it was a great stretch but some of the poses got me 'real good!'  I can still feel them today.  So, yesterday morning's practice was a little more restorative than usual.  I am at a point with my practice where I actually think of an intention before I begin and make it my focus during the whole time.  It makes the class very mentally productive, it takes my mind away from all of the other things that tend to interrupt.  Yoga is becoming an integral part of my training both on and off of the studio floor.
My run last night was again fairly restful.  As well as my part of the run for training, I also lead my regular LUlulemon run night.  It was a great night with a couple more new people out.  One of the people who joined us was an absolute noon runner, she had never put a pair of running shoes on to hit the street.  She explained to me that she was the girl in school that everyone waited for, not athletically inclined at all.  She is in great physical condition practicing yoga several time a week, but nothing like hitting the pavement.  Before we went out I told her a little about our run and what we would do.  As I want her to be back out, we did 3 and 1's for the run.  At 3 minutes she was quite surprised that we had already done 3, but we stopped for 1 and continued along.  Before we knew it she had run her first 3k!  She was happy and proud as could be that she had accomplished her first run.  I was quite pleased as well as she was talking about getting out again.  It is great to get someone new to join  a sport that they were reluctant to do!  So, from 2 perspectives it was a successful night!
Today was a lazy day, a day off!  It is not my usual self to sit back and take it!  BUT, I am taking advantage of the fact that I can and using the rest! Although I am very early in the process, I am keenly aware that the body needs rest and that periodization is a science not a thought to try out!  SO I had a productive full work day, a couple of awesome projects closed and an evening out with wifey on the way.  We are heading out to a restaurant by the lake for a some food and some good jazz/blues music.  I am quite please about this rest thing today.
Tomorrow is run time again as well as a 2-3 hour HR1 ride.  It is supposed to be a sunny day so it is all good.  I think I will even throw in my optional swim tomorrow as I did not have 3 pool workouts this week.
Happy weekend to all of you!  Cheers!


  1. J- All IS good! wow 100 person yoga! nice program you have going with Lululemon

  2. That is some major downward dog-ging going on!

    Very cool story about the first time runner and very cool how you are giving back to the sport that has given you so much. Very inspiring John -- keep sharing the running group successes!

  3. J, now I see why you like yoga so much, NO GUYS and lots of nice bums. haha

  4. The body deserves the rest. Tomorrow is another day of activity. Have fun with your wife and enjoy the yummy dinner and music.

  5. that's some awesome public yoga going on, great stuff!

  6. Wow, that is a great photo of mass Yoga :)

    Thank you for the lululemon link, I've been to their site, and love the tops, I just need them to have my size in I keep checking the site to if they are there yet!

  7. That is amazing! What a massive group of people doing yoga in the middle of a mall. I love it! Sounds like your weekend was full of great training opportunities. Hoep you got all of your workouts in and the weather was beautiful.

  8. 2 hrs of yoga. ouch! ive done 90 and don't think i could handle much more!