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Monday, April 5, 2010

Is it Monday again!

I dont know about the rest of you, but this Monday thing is not so cool any more!  After a weekend of great training and relaxing weather, what the heck does the routine have to start for again!!
I have to say that I am going to at some point in my life have the liberty and enjoyment of training when I please.  The context of doing it may be while out training others for the passion that they are chasing, one way or another Monday's are no longer going to be part of a routine. They will become part of the life long ambition of doing what I want to do! I guess after such a great weekend of outdoors and the things that I love to do, this Monday seemed a task to get to(until the end of the day when I went to the pool)
I am now starting week 3 of my program and this is the first official recovery week of my training.  As I review the workouts, the idea that it is recovery seems a little lost in the hours and workouts that are planned for the week.  But the program says it, so somewhere within it must be recovery, maybe it is the less than 2 hour ride on Saturday?  Or the key bike ride without a T run afterwards?  From what I can see the rest is all growing on what I have done so far.  I am not complaining, I have to say that I am enjoying the growing intensity and I am getting into the groove.  I have already discovered the value of a nap.  This past weekend, I was lucky enough to sneak one in both days.  In hte past if I had a nap my wakeup was ugly, yep, ugly.  I would drag my tail and be bitchy for a half hour afterwards.  No this weekend, I had my 30 minute nap and woke up refreshed and happy to go.  It felt great and my mind and body felt rejuvenated!  I guess that is one of the benefits of working a little harder, maybe that is why I was on bed by 10PM all winter after skiing.
Day one of recovery was a 3200m swim.  No, not any normal 3200m swim, one that will have about 30% kicking drills to make it a lot more fun!  The practice started with a 300m freestyle and then right into it, kick young man, kick!  Every part of the practice had some feet work in it!  I must say that it does help to point out that I am lazy when it comes to kicking.  Some of the drills bring it out immediately.  As I might not be well balanced in the water at times, the kick will get me through a transition, when both are off, oh, it is bad!  I feel like I sink a foot into the water while changing from one side to another.  It helps a lot as it makes me get my technique together, get balanced and kick like I am supposed to.  Over the course of my practice today I did break through with my pull and bi lateral breathing.  Although the bilatreal still needs improvement, it worked well today.  With that breakthrough it evens out my pull and allows me to move through the water far better balanced as well as seemingly a lot faster.  I did not do any timed 100 today, maybe try that on Wednesday.  I do know that my kick has improved a lot as well, as I am zooming by my training pal when we are doing the same drill.  Altough kick practices do kick my butt, they are awesome!  So another good training day, and I suppose another lesson learned from the  training that I am doing!
Hope you had a good day and some new accomplishments!  Have a great night!  CHeers!


  1. I'm shocked at the less than 110% outlook on a Monday start week! hahahaha - nice swim and great workouts....good job training!!!

  2. This Monday was not a good one here either! Thank goodness for the training to keep me sane.

  3. Monday was my rest day, well planned.

    Yes those 'recovery weeks' are always interesting. Haha. You know that you love it really.