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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Saturday!

Yep, you saw it!  It is Super Saturday!  The weather is 27 degree(celcius) and awesome!  What a beautiful Easter weekend.  With no race tomorrow, it was a great day to do my training according to my program, and a great day to follow it properly.
Today was a low heart rate ride followed by a T-run.  So did the morning family visits and got ready for my ride.  I have been discovering that my sodium needs to be addressed as I do longer distance events, after my cramps and near bonk last weekend I wont let it happen again.  So today I cheated, I had a half a bottle of Gatorade to start the day.  As well, I took some and mixed it in my water to get a little more, I also took a pinch of salt and added to my water.  With 27 degrees the sweat factor was going to be in play!
My ride was another damn windy one.  I will be honest, I am not letting it defeat me mentally, last year I would let it get me right down to the point that I was ready to quit.  This year, no way!  Hey, dont get me wrong I swear like a trucker while the wind is almost blowing me down sideways, but, it is followed b a smile and another push forward to get stronger with it!  My ride today was an uphill all the way out, and a strong wind in my face.  The traffic was quite heavy, but everyone seems to be in a good driving mood, only one person tried to drive me off the road.  Not to worry, he knows what I think of him now, glad he wasnt coming back in my direction any time soon.  So my ride out was blowing like mad, right into my face as I pushed up the hills.  My average speed on the way out was 26kmh.  As soon as I turned to head home it picked up with most of the ride home over 40kmh, it was a balst, the wind at my back flying!  The ride ended up as a 2hr ride at 60km total.  Average speed of 30kmh.  My HR stayed at 140average which is good for me, as a year ago I would have been pushing well over 155 on that kind of ride.   I finished the ride with a short T-run which was also not bad.  I have to watch as I tend to want to push myself and my training is strictly time and HR.  So I did the run at 143 at a 535 pace.  It is a dramatic improvement, but not where in my mind I want to be.  I have to continue to tell myself where I have come from and that I will get there one day, it is not tomorrow.  I guess somewhere in my mind I have decided that I am doing a few of these.  I hope I am not premature in my thought!  I will get to the point where I satisfy my own time goals, Rome was not built in a day! Stay tuned, I guess I have a few years of blogging!
I hope that all of you are having a great Easter weekend, and that you are enjoying time with your family and friends!  Cheers and Happy relaxing!


  1. Nice training day! I might start cheating endurance days with a gatorade! way to stick it out in the wind ... have a great wknd - D

  2. happy easter! glad you got it done :) ew i hate wind. isn't it nice to see progress with hr training? although i will say on the trainer DOES NOT equal much as i would like to think it would have

  3. I don't call it cheating, I call it being smart and listening to what your body will need. We can only push ourselves so far without feeling the ramifications of our actions. Smart choice. I cramp all the time during swims so I now take a supplement daily as well as drinking Gatorade before a big swim. you sound like you had a great day on your bike. Keep forging forward :)