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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turbo Tuesday!

Yep, Turbo Tuesday!  that is what the program calls it, it is the trusty TURBO workout on the bike.  To summarize, warm up for 15-20 minutes, the pedal like a mad man through a series of technical drills then cool down. It is a wicked bike session and the benefits are already showing.
I was smart this winter when I bought the TACX trainer that has all of the measures that I could possible want to review for training.  So after a short 3 weeks, I have been comparing notes from one week to another. As I reviewed my notes from this week the feedback is good.  The ride I did today showed my that my average speed is increasing, while the power output is lower than previous weeks. My HR is also dropping from previous workouts of the same intensity.  So, the method to the madness of what I am doing is already falling into place.  My pedal today was a 35kmh average with a 220 watt output and average HR was 140.  I am quite happy about that!  Statistically it is an improvement over the past sessions!
Following my TURBO session it was time to shoe up and get over to LULULEMON to do the weekly run club.   Another successful night, there was once again some new participants and all of the previous weeks runners joined us again.  The weather was a little different than last week, but it did not deter any of the group.  Even with the threat of rain, it seems that the group is motivated to come out for the weekly group run session.  Another success is the fact that many of the group was also out running on the weekend.  It is great that the group is taking from what we are doing on run night and continuing it on their tome at home.  WIth any luck a few more obsesses athletes could come out of this club.
Tomorrow I have been invited by LULULEMON to join in a design input session.  The store works hard to create clothing that is both practical and lasting for the people and athletes that wear them.  As someone who runs in the clothes and uses them for skiing and yoga, I have been asked to come out and meet with one of the designer from the head office.  It is cool to be asked to come out to this as I know first hand that the input that is given is taken into account in the design and ideas of future clothing.   Should be a fun session, I have never been part of a session for clothing, something new is always exciting!
Another great day of building done, and another one to look forward to tomorrow!  I hope the world is treating you well and you are living for your dreams!  Cheers!


  1. Very cool your running group is sticking to it and growing!

  2. Nice Turbo session on the TACX!

    Yes it was a good idea getting the add on, thank you for inspiring me to do so.

    I like the idea that you may influence some sports clothes inside leg/ underarm seams would be nice ;)

  3. Great work on the trainer. I really should invest in one considering we are coming into our cooler/wetter months BLAH.... Happy to hear that your running group continues and that they are motivated in their own time. Congrats on being asked for your input.How exciting.