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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


That was a good day of training!  Yeah, I got the order wrong but it all worked out at the end!
Today's swim workout was awesome!  the distances are climbing and the intensity of the workout is growing.  Today was 8 x 100 on 15 second rest, then 1500, 150 easy then 50 fast repeat, then 6 x 150, 50 easy 50 fast, 50 easy, then 12 x 25 1 fast 3 easy with 15 seconds(I skipped some of the 15's).  My total time in the pool was 1:17 including the required rest!  It was an awesome swim.  My swim recovery during the 1500 was great, i did not find myself gasping at all and was able to keep form throughout the entire time.  As I got into the latter part of the workout the swim form actually improved and I found myself improving my time.  It is the first swim in a while that I do distance and I found it quite satisfying.  All the practices seem to have some sort of benefit coming through.  Only 149 more days of practice to the start, hopefully ti only gets better moving forward.
The next part of my tri training day was the run!  With my run clinic it was hill night, so I had to join them to show the example!  It was not part of my training today, but  figured it could not hurt me to join.  So I did 6k of hill repeats and loved it!  I dread the warm up knowing it is going to be gruelling, but once I start I am a sucker for punishment, I push hard and harder each repeat.  Although the hill is not super steep, many of my repeats were at sub 4 min k pace!  loved it, feeling like I was going to b sick at the top of each hill but looking forward to the next! It was another great part of the workout day!
Part 3, I guess it is not a mystery!  Well, on the way to part 3, that little guy from last night jumped on my shoulder and tried me out for size!  NO WAY!  didn't even let him get close, even tough it was the dreaded trainer he was not getting near me!  So on the bike I got and started my journey, the little guy tried me on again!  this time I sent him flying across the room.  The ride was as good as a trainer ride gets.  Please tell me that the speed and power ratings transfer to my benefit on the road.  Riding indoors sucks and if it was not for the benefit I would rather weigh 400 lbs and walk than ride a bike!  DONT like it!  I did catch a good movie while I was riding, and the data that my trainer collects and shows me is awesome to show that I am progressing.  If you are a skier, find the movie SWIFT, SILENT, DEEP!  It is an awesome story about the birth of extreme skiing, probably one of the top movies on my ski porn list!  Back to the ride, once again I averaged 35kmh and 215W for the hour.  I added in a few hills today so staying at the same speed and watts was good!
Overall it was a great training day!  I am squeezing in the odd extra because of the run clinics, but they can only help me out!  Once I get to the heavy part of my training I may need to bow out of the odd run in order to avoid burnout, but until then I will do the miles!  When the time comes, I will still be there with bells on to help people and continue to motivate people to get it done!  I really like working with people to move them forward, it is great to see the smile when they are done the day!
So, tomorrow is suoer Thursday, so it is time to get some rest to make it a good one!
Hope you had a great day and tomorrow is even better!  Cheers


  1. hope super thursday rocked. you are a machine yo! ooh as much as they hurt i loooooove hills :) yah i guess i'm a lil weird hahahha

  2. That swim may have been awesome!, It's soo good to build up your sets!, thanks for the movie highlight too!,

  3. Totally impressed with your swimming. Great training you're doing...odd extras can only help:) - D