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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's call it Lululemon Thursday!

Why?  I am very proud to have been invited this evening to be a Lululemon Ambassador.  It is an honour to be recognized by a store that places a tremendous value on hte fitness community and chooses leaders and roll models within the community to act as ambassadors to the stores.  I am pleased to be a part of this community and able to share my passion for running and triathlon with an organization that is as passionate as me about reaching goals and encouraging and facilitation others to do the same.  Over the next year I will enjoy spending time developing the run club as well as other events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle in the community.
I learned of my acceptance as an ambassador at the end of my run club this evening.  We had one of the nest crowds ever this evening.  We had some new people join us this evening which is great.  The word is beginning to spread about what the run club is about and new people are coming out to see what it involves. One of the new runners from last week was out and extended her run after only one week.  She shared with me that she was actually looking for someone to run with over the week since our time out last session.  Another new runner tonight found herself running better than her normal pace with our group.  Overall it was an evening of running success for the club 'members'.  At the end of the run, as I approached the store, there were many people gathered out front.  There was a sandwhich board out on the sidewalk as well.  As the store was closed I could not figure out what was going on.  As I got closer, the sign said, JOHN WILL YOU BE OUR NEW AMBASSADOR?  The staff of the store was ll there to great me and welcome me to their community!  It was so cool to be recognized by them for ding something that I love to do!  I look forward to being able to continue to do the same and be involved in the LULULEMON community!
My evening was the culmination of another good training day.  My run before run club was a speed workout.  I did a warm up of about 15 minutes, then 7 minutes in HR3+, the a 3 minute cool, then 6 minute in HR3+ then 3 minute cool down......and so on!  I must say it felt great!  Pushing my limits is something I like to do and this was one of those workouts!  I thought i would struggle a little more with the sprints, but I quite enjoyed it.  for a great deal of the time i was pushing a 4 min pace.  ON hte last set I cant lie, I did slow down, but still kept it at a 445 pace.  Overall a great feeling of progress!
So overall it was an awesome day!  I am feeling in a good place right now!  My training is on track and seemingly working!  I am helping others reach gaols that they have set!  And most of all I am having fun along the way!
I hope your day was great! Happy Friday eve! Cheers!


  1. Way to go John! That is exciting! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations Mr Ambassador :)

    When you look back on this year, you are going to have such rich memories, and lots of new running friends.

  3. That is so nice that they had a sign out front waiting for you to ask you to be their ambassador! What a great compliment that is. And, speaks volumes about you. So congrats! They couldn't have tapped a better person.

  4. A big congratulations and a huge welcome from all of us too. It's a great privlege to have athletes such as yourself share your wealth of knowledge and inspiration with our community. Looking forward to all the amazing things you will achieve and all that you will create with our store. Best luck,

    GEC Online Community
    lululemon athletica

  5. Congratulations John! Thats a big deal, because in the Twin Cities our local Lululemon store in south Minneapolis is aligned with some top fitness instructors in the area and they "run" great programs. Way to go!