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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Two down, 22 to go!

What a great end to a week of training!  I must admit it was a little more in tune than last weekend that ended with doing a run 2 1/2 longer than scheduled!  Not that it was a bad run/race, it was just off the program! I ended this week, right where I was supposed to be, having completed every workout as scheduled.  I am pleased with the way that I am feeling and the level of 'tired' that i am or am not at.  I am looking forward to continuing to increase the intensity and doing some good hard core building.
Today was another awesome day.  The Easter Bunny was apparently in a great mood.  He brought some chocolate, some good European mother in law food for brunch and another healing basket full of awesome weather.  It was a great day for a run.
After our brunch we packed up and started out raod trip home.  Rather than the rush down the highway we tok the back road home.  It is far more relaxing than driving 130 racking for your life all the way home. It was a fitting end to a great weekend with family, relaxing and taking some time to smell the roses.  We were home at a decent hour and able to get organized for the week.  And then, head out for the ever important run.
Today, I though I would try something new, run without any socks in my shoes.  STUPID!  The first 3k were no problem, then I started to feel a little rub.  Another KM and it got worse, then it just became STUPID!  What a dumb mistake on my part, I have never had issued with socks so why the heck would I change it today.  My saving grace, one again, my wife!  I had a meeting this afternoon in a town an few KM away from home.  Trish wanted to do  run as well, so, we were smart about it.  We decided she would drive out to where my meeting was and drop off the car.  She would run home and I would get the car after my meeting  So, lucky for me, I ran into her about 6k into my run,  She was an angel and gave up her sox for me!  SHe is the greatest, once again she saved my butt!  So, I finished along on another awesome day, enjoying the sun and the warm weather finishing another week on the training ride.  I must day that I still feel like I am using training wheels on this journey, but I am having fun learning how to get it done!  My run was 11k at a 5:30 with a 143 HR.   I did it feeling great, started off a little tired, but got into an awesome groove and smiled along.  Another successful run feeling progress  and feeling like I am improving.  As I said yesterday, I am still going to continue to push myself a ton as I have a spot that I would like to achieve over time, so, on goes the game.  If it takes a year, if it takes 3 I will get to the place I want to be!
What a cool week!  Pushed myself to some new levels, turned up the intensity a bit.  I am learning a lot about how your body reacts to training and to rest.  Learning that it needs it and dont ignore.  I did manage this week to get the beginning of a cold.  With proper food, and required rest, so far I seem to have beat it.  I hope the week proves to be true and that I dont get sick to start this journey.
So, off to get some rest, geek out on some anatomy books and learn a little more!
Hope your Easter was awesome and your week was a treat!  Guess what, there is another here already, another week to chase our dreams and live life to its fullest!  Cheers


  1. I hope the chocolate was nice! I think we all indulged this weekend.

    It is funny many people do run with no socks, my feet, like yours don't love it either.

    PS I am jealous that you have such good weather.

  2. Great week J. The socks, haha, I think that's you just wanting to look pro. It was for me at least, until the same thing happened and I went back to socks. haha.